New Orleans Food & Swamp Tours

July 25, 2013

Do you love food? If you’re from New Orleans, or if you’re coming to visit, you best have an appetite! New Orleans food is world famous and is a genre all its own. Down here we do it all, and we do it right. Here in New Orleans there is a festival or party for just about anything and everything and celebrating our culinary genius is no exception. You have to plan a trip out to the glorious French Quarter and participate in COOLinary New Orleans, a fantastic display of great food from famous restaurants who offer amazing saving specials for lunch and dinner during the summer.

This event highlights New Orleans unparalleled list of restaurants and introduces all of New Orleans cuisine including New Orleans Creole and Cajun food! Creole and Cajun meals aren’t even close to everything New Orleans has to offer, you better visit our world-famous steakhouses and seafood! Shrimp, crawfish, oysters, and even alligator, if it deals with food and you can dream it; we can make it for you and have you begging for more.

Speaking of alligators, ever wonder what they look like before they make it to that awesome po-boy or appetizer? Just thirty minutes outside of the French Quarter is Airboat Adventures which can give you a tantalizing introduction to real live alligators and all sorts of other wildlife. They are a swamp tour company and these tours take you through a dream of cypress swampland that will leave you in awe. You won’t just see alligators; you will have the opportunity to view all of the wildlife offered by Louisiana swampland. You can see nutria, various bird species, turtles, snakes, the list is endless! These tours and family friendly, educational, and introduce you and yours to a whole new world.

With everything going on in the city, and Airboat Adventures just a mere thirty minutes outside the French Quarter, why aren’t you online and making out a great weekend schedule. Great food, great prices, and the opportunity to wind down the day watching the sun fall through the sky on an airboat touring you through beautiful swampland make a great excuse to get away. Get online and check out the schedules so you can plan out an amazing weekend and get the most out of it for you and whoever you plan to bring with you.

A Ride on the Wide Side in New Orleans – Swamp Tours

July 17, 2013

If there’s one thing New Orleans does well, it’s party. Parties for New Orleans aren’t always about lots of drinks and pretty lights, we celebrate everything: our music, our food, and our people. The first weekend of August is fast approaching and the city has one festival coming up you won’t want to miss. The Satchmo SummerFest has been going on since 2001 and has grown into a huge three day event every year. This event is sponsored by French Quarter Festivals, Inc., and will take place on the grounds of the Old U.S. Mint, located between the French Market and Esplanade Avenue.

Satchmo SummerFest pays tribute to Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong and is completely free and open to the public. There will be seminars, lectures, and a great musical lineup. Outdoor events will include live bands on several stages while great examples of New Orleans’ culinary heritage is also displayed and various dishes will be offered for sale.

Think about listening to Satchmo’s music, sitting on a porch looking out at cypress trees, moss hanging over a horizon reflected by glorious swamp waters capturing the light of a setting sun. About thirty minutes outside of the French Quarter, Airboat Adventures offers you that image. Airboat Adventures is a swamp tour company that will take you into the mystery that surrounds those cypress trees and will help you hear and understand the secrets that hang in all that moss. These tours are beautiful, you can check out their website and get great client testimonials and take a look at their entire online photo album. If you call you can get a feel for the scheduling Airboat Adventures has available and see how you can spend that weekend bathing in an amazing music celebration and combining it with the excitement of exploring something less familiar.

The best part of planning to combine festival celebrations in the French Quarter and feeding your wild side with the mystery of the swamp is that Airboat Adventures will come and get you! They offer a great shuttle service to the French Quarter and are only about thirty minutes outside of the city. All you have to do is sit down with your group, call or go online to get an idea for scheduling, and then plan out an amazing day or weekend that gives you two sides to one great coin.

Cocktails, Alligators and More! New Orleans Attractions

July 12, 2013

The city of New Orleans always has great events going on that are interesting, fun, and educational. This city celebrates its heritage and its culture like no other city on Earth. Take “Tales of the Cocktail” for example; A five day event from July 17th to July 21, which will feature seminars, mixing competitions, and even luncheons and dinners. This festival is the world’s premier cocktail event, culminating the most esteemed experts in mixology for five days of cocktails, great food, and culture.

These five days are a celebration of the craft behind mixing drinks and bringing them together with amazing cuisine. “Tales of the Cocktail” creates a spotlight on a core facet of New Orleans and what it means to be embraced by hospitality. This festival grants awards including “American Bartender of the Year”, “Best American Cocktail Bar,” and “World’s Best Cocktail Menu”. It’s worth a look to see all the events and get a taste for where it all started. The Sazerac, considered the first cocktail, was mixed in New Orleans in the early 19th century by a pharmacist named Antoine Amadee Peychaud. When he created the mixture they were served in coquetiers which when pronounced by slurred imbibers sounded like “cocktail”.

However, cocktails and spirits aren’t the only things to be enjoyed in the city of New Orleans. Swamp land and wildlife is just as much a part of southern Louisiana heritage as anything. In the swamp land, living life by the cypress swamp waters living off alligators and living each day in the food chain fighting for the top spot is normal.

This is an exciting way of life that involves a whole legacy of people that want to share it. Just thirty minutes from the French Quarter is Airboat Adventures, a swamp tour company that gives you an up close and personal peek into the wild by taking you riding on boats, coasting through the water and wandering your way through an entire ecosystem that people live off of.

Airboat Adventures‘ Captains are certified and well trained in safety but have a lot to offer in stories and history that will have you learning something new with every bend of the swamp.

New Orleans is in itself a place of wonder and worth investigating. But Airboat Adventures pulls back the veil and lets you see the gory wildlife that is our swamp land. A rich culture of not only animals in a constant prey v. predator environment, but the story of the hardworking people that live on that land and prosper. Call or go online and schedule a tour, you won’t regret it.

Swamp Tours and New Orleans

July 8, 2013

Hurricane Season starts June 1st and runs through November 30th.  Don’t let this stop you from visiting New Orleans or its fantastic attractions, as hurricanes don’t actually happen that often. New Orleans is well prepared for Hurricane Season and they have many wonderful events going on throughout the year. Pretty much, anytime of the year, is a great time to visit and play in New Orleans!

If you are from New Orleans, the surrounding areas, or visiting from afar, make sure you check out Airboat Adventures Swamp Tours. They are open 7 days a week.  Of course they monitor the weather and all tours are subject to cancellation in dangerous weather, but they do this for your safety.

It is always important to know what’s going on and when in New Orleans.  The atmosphere can change dramatically depending on current festivals, conventions and of course the weather.  July and August, which fall in Hurricane Season, are usually the hottest and also the muggiest.  If you come to town during this time period, keep in mind that Airboat Adventures has evening tours so you won’t be as bothered by the heat and humidity.

July and August are also good times for hotel bargains way below their regular rates. and keep in mind that Airboat Adventures picks up from most of the hotels in New Orleans. If you stay at one they don’t pick up from, you surely are not more than a few blocks away from one they do!  You just have to make sure you mention this when booking your tour.

There truly is nothing like the experience of seeing Louisiana Swamp Land, up close and personal.  You surely will go home with more than one story of what you were shown and what you learned.  Even if you are from Louisiana, the Captains that guide you through the swamp will most likely educate you on something you did not know.

A Swamp Tour is a grand adventure for a family outing.  Kids are out of school and getting restless in the house.  The backyard is just not enough to contain them anymore.  Book a swamp tour today allow the Captains to amaze your children and introduce them to a part of their hometown, they may not have been familiar with.

The main point is, even through Hurricane Season, New Orleans keeps moving.  They cannot stop because of the possibility of bad weather!  Get on down to New Orleans, and when you do, be sure to book a tour with Airboat Adventures!

Independence Day Activities | Swamp Tours!

June 21, 2013

Independence Day is coming and it’s going to be a great time. New Orleans is going to be lit alive with the 23rd Annual Go Fourth on the River celebration. Independence Day is a great excuse to kick back and enjoy a day with your family. This day helps the entire American people celebrate as one family. We have cookouts, reunions, and parties to bring ourselves together and remember what freedom feels like.

Celebrations are happy times and remind us that family is not only important but a foundation to healthy living. The state of Louisiana and the city of New Orleans want to help with this coming together, by giving families a reason to get out and unify. Visitors can expect a full day of fun events, including free concerts at the Riverfront.

Another great way to celebrate freedom is to visit Airboat Adventures! Airboat Adventures is a swamp tour company that can show you the extreme meaning of free, but in the wild! You can start you day with a tour that shows an in your face perspective of the food chain, get home and cook up a quick lunch and wind down your day on the Riverfront and see amazing music and great people.

New Orleans is the essence of hospitality and independence and that can also be seen in the wildlife at Airboat Adventures. In the wild, you will see the family that exists between creatures and how they live while realizing the danger of hierarchy of predator versus prey! Airboat Adventures offers all of this in tours that last about two hours, and that two great hours is  full of fast boats and information. Airboat Adventures has incredibly trained captains that thoroughly enjoy giving these tours and making them as exciting as possible.

The Fourth of July will be here soon enough, so start planning now! Get your grills ready and your cars gassed up, the city of New Orleans has a lot in store. Between the Riverfront celebration, Airboat Adventures, and simple family gatherings this Independence Day should be the best one yet! Call Airboat Adventures or go online to get all the information you need on the Riverfront Celebration and to schedule your tour. Make this Fourth something special and something to be remembered for you and all your family.

New Orleans Attractions – Airboat Adventures

June 14, 2013

Prepared for Father’s Day? Audubon Zoo has a great event this weekend called the Southern Fried Swamp Fest. It’s a festival designed to feature traditional and non-traditional fried foods along with Cajun music. All of this will take place in the Swamp Exhibit, and even more music will happen on the Capital One stage. This event is especially great for Dads because they get in for FREE! You can get your tickets online or at the front gate to come out and enjoy some of the best fried food items, not to mention regular Zoo concessions.

Speaking of bunches of swamp themed fun, after the Fried Swamp Fest you and your Dad can travel on down to Airboat Adventures and see where some of that food comes from! Like crawfish pies, or alligator sausage on a stick? You can have those and much more at the festival and afterwards take a great boat tour and get a taste of where that awesome food comes from. Dad will never forget this weekend if you one, two punch him with this exciting combination of celebration! Show your father what a real Father’s Day is by bringing him to a festival where he can eat to his heart’s content, while getting in free and then bringing him on an exciting swamp tour with Airboat Adventures.

Don’t be afraid to bring your whole family, it is the Zoo after all! Food aside, there is tons of entertainment planned and there is a full schedule online. Airboat Adventures also has their scheduled posted online so you can plan out your whole Father’s Day weekend and make sure it’s everything you want it to be.

Airboat Adventures has boats to fit all sizes of groups, so if you bring a large one to the festival, don’t think you can’t bring them to the swamp! Education and sights abound, these tours have everything you could ever want when it comes to swamp adventures. So call or get online and plan out all the weekend! Choose what foods you’ll want to eat, the music you want to hear, and of course which swamp tour time you’ll be interested in.  It is sure to be an excellent weekend where your father can be celebrated and you and yours can have a great time!

Things To Do In New Orleans

May 29, 2013

The Best Things To Do In New Orleans

For those of us that call New Orleans home, we know what’s coming. Festivals, parades, tours, and music, you name it and we’ll be there. In New Orleans it’s all about the spirit of something no matter if we’re celebrating music, food, theater, literature, or even our own flavorful history, we’re always connected in that New Orleans is our home. And here we always invite anyone and everyone to be a part of that family and welcome them when they show up with a great drink and a hot plate of food to eat. New Orleans culture is rich in art, music, food, and drinks, but what we pride ourselves on is hospitality.

The Big Events of Summer

If you’re planning a trip to New Orleans soon there’s a few great things coming up you should know about. The Vieux To Do: Cajun and Zydeco Festival is going on June 8th and 9th. This huge event brings together the Cajun-Zydeco Music Festival, the Louisiana Seafood Festival, and the Creole Tomato Festival all into one spectacular weekend of festivities. It’s a weekend to be enjoyed thoroughly as you can come and get a taste of just about everything New Orleans culture has to offer.

Take A New Orleans Swamp Tour

Outside of festivals and parades, there are more dangerous aspects to our city! Dangerous as in more fun! Airboat Adventures is a swamp tour company that lies just about thirty minutes outside of the French Quarter. You can see it now, having fun at the Cajun and Zydeco Festival and wondering as midday passes into afternoon what other fun things there are to do? Swamp tours! These alligators won’t be on aprons or coffee mugs, but in the water next to your boat just waiting for their next meal. Or you can go earlier and use the festival to calm you down and settle your nerves!

We’ll Pick You Up From The French Quarter!

Don’t forget Airboat Adventures will come and pick you up from the French Quarter, they run a shuttle service. You can always count on New Orleans being a package deal, you just got to know where to find all the prizes. And Airboat Adventures is one of the great ones. You can call or go online to figure out what your schedule can fit in, and bring your whole crew, they have boats to accommodate almost any size group. Don’t come all the way down to New Orleans and miss the chance to see a real live alligator!

New Orleans Wine & Food

May 15, 2013

As is its true fashion, New Orleans is hosting the New Orleans Wine and Food Experience May 22nd-25th 2013. This event has been going on since 1992 and thousands of wine and good lovers are expected to gather. There is confirmation from twenty two wineries and a dozen restaurants with more expected. This is an excellent opportunity for people to flock to the city and get a good taste for what New Orleans is famous for. Only the best come out for this festival, so start planning your trip to sample the greatest food and wine the city has to offer.

But once you get your fill of glorious food and delicious wine, make a call and get Airboat Adventures shuttle service to pick you up from the city and bring you to the swamp! They’ll pick you up and bring you to a place of wild adventure and give you a tour of a whole new world. This world won’t be full of fine eats or delicious wine, but you will see an entire ecosystem flourish right in front of your own eyes.

These tours take place on a full schedule all through the day. There are specialty tours on request for sunsets and the like. There are tons of opportunities to take great pictures on these tours of the beautiful cypress trees and the dangerous wildlife as they live their lives. Alligators, wild birds, rodents, and swamp bugs are all for the taking in! Airboat Adventures offers an excellent break from the city and there’s so much to learn. All of their captains are certified to ensure the safety of all passengers on their boats which can hold an array of passengers so you can schedule a tour for your whole family!

New Orleans has so much to offer from festivals to parades, and Airboat Adventures is the cherry on top! The perfect complement to fun and beauty – excitement! All you have to do is get online and check out their customer testimonials and pictures and you’ll be sold. You can also call and schedule your tour, you can get a look at their schedules and see which one fits you and your group the best. Don’t waste anymore time, make the plans and take the tour!

Spend Father’s Day in the Swamps!

May 13, 2013

Are you planning a fun filled adventure for that special Father in your life? New Orleans is a great place to do plan such an adventure. There is the fabulous French Quarter, filled with amazing architecture, fun shops, and tons of attractions. It’s a great place to plan a mild day walk to take in anything and everything the great city has to offer. But never forget what falls through the cracks and what lies on the less beaten track of New Orleans and the secret treasures Louisiana has to offer!

There is a place that has adventure in its name called Airboat Adventures. Excitement resonates from the name and adventure is the game. This company takes its guests on a crazed tour of beautiful cypress swamp filled with wonder with a pinch of danger to keep it exciting. Show Dad that the city isn’t all about buildings and give him a dose of a different kind of history that involves a real life ecosystem and gives a unique perspective of the food chain. There are creatures from the water to the land, and all the way to the sky too see and appreciate.

These tours aren’t just about danger and excitement, Airboat Adventures captains are all certified in safety and the tours they give, so you and yours can leave with a lot of education about what really happens in the big bad swamp. It’s an excellent surprise for any Father to take an awesome tour on an airboat with almost a constant breeze.

No doubt the city itself is full of shiny novelties to see, but these tours offer a more rustic sense of beauty and amazement that mom will be sure to appreciate. Why not do both? Airboat Adventures is completely willing to pick you up from the city as they lie only about thirty minutes outside of the French Quarter, they will come and shuttle you away from the shops and bring you in a short time to a completely different world to get lost in. These tours are full of beauty and memories to be made, don’t forget to go online and see some of the pictures for a sample of what you can see. And after you’re captivated by Airboat Adventures’ website, call and schedule your tour!

Jazz Fest: Not the only New Orleans Attraction!

April 22, 2013

The awesome New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival is about to begin. Running from April 26th to May 5th, it’s something the entire city looks forward to. This festival is made up of a number of stages and an entourage of musical guests. Starting Friday, April 26th, it’s a great reason to come on out to the city. But it’s not just about the music, it’s about the food and the culture, it’s about the “experience”.

If you check it out online you can see the entire schedule as it pertains to not only music but crafts, food, culture, checking up on getting your Jazz Fest poster for the year, Online you can check out each day’s events separately or you can craft you own special schedule, you and your friends can share on Facebook and make plans to meet up and have a great time. 2013 Jazz Fest tickets and VIP packages are on sale now; if you get online and check out pricing you’ll be one step closer to not missing out!

The only downside to Jazz Fest is that all your favorite bands never play on the same day, or in the right time span. If you find yourself needing to fill a day in your crazy Jazz Fest schedule, take a look at Airboat Adventures! Airboat Adventures is a swamp tour company that resides just over thirty minutes outside of the French Quarter. They offer an exciting way to spend some downtime from the festival and continue to get a taste for true Louisiana culture.  You will get to experience real predators, real wildlife, real people and in your face excitement. See and touch real alligators, watch feedings, and take the opportunity to see a piece of over 20,000 acres of cypress swamp land.

Whether you’re coming for vacation, or planning on spending a weekend in the city, Jazz Fest is a great time to see New Orleans blossom. Airboat Adventures offers good times at fair prices with schedules that are flexible and can fit around other plans you might have for the day. Combined, the Jazz Fest and swamp tours make for compelling reasons to get on down to New Orleans and make a trip out of it, a trip you won’t soon forget.