See the Swamp with New Orleans Airboat Tours

October 30, 2015

The Louisiana swamp is an unusual ecosystem brimming with unique wildlife. Cypress trees line the coastal deltas of Louisiana and shelter the animals below. These swamps are home to many species of fish, snapping turtles, whitetail deer, corn snakes, nutria, and alligators. Wading birds like the pelican, great blue heron, egret, hawks, and owls live among these animals here in the wetlands. The Louisiana swamp makes up over ten percent of the nation’s wetlands and is an important food source globally. The wet, subtropical climate of Louisiana allows plants like water lilies, cattails, marsh grass, and majestic cypress and tupelo trees to flourish almost year-round.

Because of the geographic position of these swamplands, they are unlike any other in the world. The best way to experience and explore this awe-inspiring landscape is to take a trip and see it firsthand.

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New Orleans Airboat Tours

Airboat Adventures offers New Orleans airboat tours year-round. Multiple airboat tours occur daily, so you can view the vast, 20,000-acre swamp we navigate at almost any time. Learn about the swamp from our passionate, knowledgeable airboat tour guides and interact with exotic wildlife like the infamous alligator. All of our New Orleans airboat tour guides are U.S. Coast Guard certified. Your tour guide may even feed the wild alligators or let you hold a baby gator!

Airboat Sizes and Tour Sizes

Two airboat sizes are available for your tour of the Louisiana swamps. Our 6-8 passenger airboat allows easy maneuverability through the hidden channels of the marsh. Our bigger 15-27 passenger airboat allows larger groups to remain together and learn about the swamp hands-on. Our tours last for nearly two hours, so you have plenty of exposure to Louisiana swampland ecosystem and the vast information your tour guide can teach you about this special place! Airboat Adventures can accommodate any size group that would like to tour the swamp.
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New Orleans airboat tours are an adventure for the whole family. Children ages five and up can participate in the educational swamp tours we offer seven days a week. Even Louisiana locals enjoy coming down to the swamp and spending the day cruising their backyard swamp in an open-top airboat. Alternatively, if you are just visiting New Orleans, Airboat Adventures makes seeing the swamp simple with free hotel pickup service for all French Quarter hotels. Our friendly New Orleans airboat tour staff will also drive you back to your hotel after your fun swamp tour experience. If you are ready for the adventure of a lifetime, call Airboat Adventures today!

Take an Airboat Tour in Louisiana and Make Memories

October 15, 2015

There is no better way to enjoy Louisiana’s wildlife than on an airboat tour through some of Louisiana’s most exquisite swamps with Airboat Adventures! Airboat Adventures near New Orleans provides locals and tourists alike with personal airboat tours through some of South Louisiana’s beautiful swamps and bayous. This vast ecosystem supports all types of wildlife, including birds like owls, egrets, bald eagles, and hawks, as well as exciting swamp-lurking reptiles like alligators, turtles, and snakes. In addition to the critters you will see, you will also get to take witness to beautiful plants and vegetation. There are several packages to choose from when you decide to book a tour with Airboat Adventures, depending on the size of your party. What are you waiting for? Come take an airboat tour on the swamps with Airboat Adventures near New Orleans!

Choose the Team at Airboat Adventures

When you decide to embark on a journey through Louisiana’s swamps, you want to make sure you know the captains are knowledgeable, safe, and fun. All of the airboat captains at Airboat Adventures have been certified by the U.S. Coast Guard! In addition, all of the captains were born and raised in Louisiana, and are passionate about their incredible state. They are very knowledgeable about this ecosystem, and are happy to share interesting facts and pieces of information with you. They want every individual that gets on one of their boats to have the best time possible, and wants to help you and your family or friends create unique memories that will last a lifetime. There is not a bad time to come take an airboat tour, either. They are open all year long, and with each season comes another exciting form of wildlife to see.

Enjoy a wildlife tour through Louisiana's beautiful swamps.

Going on an Airboat Tour

Going on an airboat tour with Airboat Adventures gives you a front-row seat to flourishing swamp lands that are bustling with interesting life forms. For about two hours you and your family or friends will have the opportunity to see herons, ibis, turtles, egrets, owls, hawks, deer, and even giant wild alligators, up-close and personal! Whether you were raised in the swamp or are from states and cities all over the United States, you will be able to truly enjoy a day in the swamps on an airboat tour. While New Orleans offers plenty to do in the means of nightclubs, bars, and other forms of nightlife, there is not always a lot of stuff to do as a family. Airboat Adventures is the perfect activity for people of all ages to enjoy together! It is both exciting yet safe, and appeals to the majority.

Get the Party Started

Regardless of how big or small your group is, there is an airboat at Airboat Adventures that is just right. If you have a smaller party of six to eight passengers, the small boat is perfect for you. If you have a larger party, you will want the large vessel that can comfortably seat fifteen to twenty-seven passengers! Airboat Adventures even has gift certificates you can give to family and friends as gifts! If you are visiting New Orleans and staying at one of their great downtown hotels, have no fear. Airboat Adventures is a short distance from New Orleans and its famous french quarter. One of the staff members from Airboat Adventures will even pick you up from your hotel and bring you to their facility.

Tour group enjoying Louisiana's swamps with Airboat Adventures.

Make Memories on an Airboat Tour with Airboat Adventures!

Come take the family out on an airboat tour through the teeming swamps with Airboat Adventures in New Orleans! Learn more about what Airboat Adventures can offer you by giving them a call or visiting their website today!