New Orleans Memorial Day Weekend

May 26, 2022

New Orleans Memorial Day Weekend American Flag

KICK OFF your summer in New Orleans this Memorial Day Weekend.

The last Monday of May is a day to observe, mourn, and commemorate our brave military personnel who died while serving their country. Many flock to New Orleans with their families in tow during the long Memorial Day weekend to pay respect and celebrate the men and women that died for their country. Check out our recommendations for paying respect and celebrating our brave heroes.

Military Museums to Visit During Your New Orleans Memorial Day Weekend Trip

Pay respect to the fallen soldiers by visiting military museums to learn more about the wars that they fought in.

The National World War II Museum

Your first stop should be the National WWII Museum located in downtown New Orleans. A simple 20-minute walk from the French Quarter, you can expect to spend about four hours touring the museum’s six-acre campus. Located in New Orleans due to the significance behind the LCVP Higgins Boat, the landing craft that brought US soldiers back to shore in every major-land assault. The National WWII Museum documents the WWII American experience with an immersive tour of WWII, featuring exhibits, multimedia experiences, and thousands of personal accounts. Recharge during your tour at the American Sector Restaurant & Bar; try out their shrimp & grits or the gulf shrimp remoulade. Or grab a quick bite in a retro diner setting at the Jeri Nima Soda Shop.

Ansel M. Stroud Jr. Military History & Weapons Museum

Also known as the Jackson Barracks Military Museum, located at the Jackson Barracks Historic Site. At this underrated museum, you can find stories of Louisiana citizen-soldiers from the colonial era up to contemporary operations. Learn stories of Louisiana militia this Memorial Day weekend or understand how our soldiers held it together for us during peacetime operations like natural and manmade disasters. Visit the Jackson Barracks and learn about the sacrifices that Louisiana guardsmen and their families made for us.

Where To Eat During Your New Orleans Memorial Day Weekend Trip

Experience New Orleans with these unique dining choices.

Have A BBQ Or Picnic at The Fly

Head on to the far end of Audubon Park to find yourself at The Fly. Located behind the Audubon Zoo, you’ll find The Riverview, fondly referred to by locals as “The Fly.” At The Fly, you can relax, BBQ, or have a picnic with a frisbee in hand. For the sporty ones, there are many athletic fields for you to play soccer, lacrosse, rugby, and whatever else your heart desires. The Fly also boasts five baseball diamonds where you can engage in America’s favorite pastime.

Visit & Eat at The Southern Food & Beverage Museum

For a unique dining experience, head to The Southern Food & Beverage Museum. Founded in 2004, the SoFAB started studying and appreciating the intersection of food, beverage, and culture of New Orleans and the Deep South. Originally a popup, SoFAB expanded twice to accommodate their growth from humble beginnings; the first exhibit consisted of borrowed artifacts. After the success of the first exhibit, people began supporting the museum by donating family artifacts. There is truly something for everyone at this culinary museum. Check out their cocktail museum and browse their culinary library with over 11,000 books. Eat at the museum by taking a cooking class where you’ll experience a hands-on exploration of Creole cuisine, followed by lunch.

Immerse Yourself in These Experiences During Your New Orleans Memorial Day Weekend Trip

It isn’t a New Orleans trip without getting to experience the best things that the city has to offer.

Take An Airboat or Pontoon Tour with Airboat Adventures

Take a short trip out of New Orleans and enjoy nature with us at Airboat Adventures. From airboats to pontoons, Airboat Adventures offers the best swamp tours in the state. You can even arrange for us to pick you up from your hotel.

Greek Fest

Celebrate Greek culture in New Orleans on Memorial Day Weekend at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral. Listen and dance to Greek music as well as eat Greek food at this indoor-outdoor celebration of Greek culture. Check out a classic Greek taverna built just for Greek Fest where you can sample some Greek wines, try Greek iced coffee, and buy ouzo by the shot or bottle. There are activities for everyone at this festival. Kids can enjoy an Athenian playground with face painting and crafts. There are cooking demos that adults can enjoy as well. Want to dance? Hit up the stage to watch some Hellenic dancers in their colorful native costumes; there’s a dance floor where everyone is welcome to and encouraged to try out some Greek dancing. There are more activities in your arsenal; you can take a cathedral tour or make your dream of running a marathon at their annual 5K.

The Music Box Village

Arts non-profit New Orleans’s main project, the whimsical Music Box Village is the brainchild and collaborative project of the New Orleans arts community. At Music Box Village, you can find installations, performances, and the chance to explore. This Memorial Day weekend, you can find live music, open hours with docents, and a drag brunch.

Sonesta Sunday

Kick off your summer with a splash at The Royal Sonesta New Orleans. Cool off and relax by their pool with a daiquiri in hand while you enjoy some live music. The dress code is “pool chic” attire and there is a full bar featuring daiquiri machines. Purchase tickets here and go live your best life. Food is available for purchase, Tickets come with a complimentary daiquiri and valet parking.

Here’s to having a fun, memorable, unique New Orleans Memorial Day Weekend! Don’t forget to book your Airboat Adventure.


Louisiana Swamps: 10 Interesting Facts About Swamps & Why You Should Go On A Swamp Tour

May 5, 2022

The best way to learn about the Louisiana swamp is to experience it for yourself!

Alligator in a swamp

The best way to experience the swamp is on an airboat that glides over the bayou and gets you up close and personal with Louisiana wildlife. A Louisiana swamp tour will help you to get that up-close perspective.

louisiana swamp and marsh

Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Louisiana swamps to hold you over until then.

  1. Louisiana is home to three million acres of wetlands.
  2. Fishermen catch more shrimp in Louisiana than any other U.S. state.
  3. Alligators have existed for nearly 200 million years, and over two million wild alligators live in bayous across Louisiana.
  4. Louisiana’s cypress trees were used to construct Higgins boats in WWII.
  5. Louisiana land is washing away, due to erosion caused by the building of levees, drilling for oil and dredging canals, at the rate of a football field every hour.
  6. Louisiana’s wetlands too 7,000 years to form through a process called accretion in which the Mississippi River Basin flooded, depositing sediment and building land
  7. Louisiana has the longest coastline of any U.S. state because of bays and sounds.
  8. A swamp is an area that holds water and supports woody vegetation, while a marsh is an area that holds water but supports only non-woody, soft, green vegetation.
  9. The nutria was imported from South America in the 1930’s for fur farming.
  10. Swamps exist across every continent except Antarctica.

Alligator in a louisiana swamp

Swamps are a worldwide phenomenon and you can see incredible swamp-lands in a number of states in the U.S. However, Louisiana swamps are worth seeing. They offer a unique environment that can’t be seen anywhere else.

Why Are Louisiana Swamps So Popular?


If you haven’t noticed, television has placed Louisiana swamps into the limelight in recent years, and for good reason. The swamps are an important part of Louisiana’s culture, and this vital ecosystem is teeming with a variety of wildlife such as alligators, turtles, pelicans, hawks, and many other species. There is no better way to experience the swamp than with Airboat Adventures!

Bird flying over a Louisiana swamp

Enjoy a Day in Untouched Nature

Straight from the water, moss-laden cypress trees emerge like sentinels of the swamp to tower over circling reptilian beasts. In their branches, eagles and hawks peer out across the waters at the sinking of an orange sun. Cicadas’ loud calls echo incessantly and frogs answer with deep, guttural croaks. Turtles curiously poke their heads out above the surface of the marsh as snakes slither by leaving them in their wake. Through a tangle of lily pads, among swaths of duckweed, a Wood Duck’s red eye can be discerned alertly peering about. This is the life of the swamp, and it’s waiting for you to discover it. There is no better way to do that than through a tour with Airboat Adventures!

Tour Louisiana Swamps Close to New Orleans

If you’re visiting New Orleans and looking to get away from the city for a day, taking a tour of the marsh with Airboat Adventures is a no-brainer. Just thirty minutes from the French Quarter, we will give you thorough exposure to the defining landscape of Louisiana. What’s more, if you’re staying in a hotel in downtown New Orleans we offer easy pick-up and drop-off from your location. Once you arrive, our captains will guide you through 20,000 acres of tidewater cypress swamp where you will have the opportunity to see the diverse vegetation and animals it has to offer. Our specialty airboats can fit any party size and will provide close encounters with alligators and other wildlife that are unique to Louisiana. Our U.S. Coast Guard-certified captains have a great understanding and love for the marsh and are dedicated to instilling a similar love and understanding in their passengers. Come join us any day of the week for an airboat adventure!

Tour Louisiana Swamps With Airboat Adventures Today!

Groups on Two Airboats in Louisiana Swamp

If you’re a Louisiana resident simply wanting to get in touch with the nature in your home state or a visitor looking to immerse themselves in a staple of the Louisiana experience, don’t miss your chance to tour the Louisiana swamps with Airboat Adventures. There are multiple tour packages to choose from, and you can call 1-888-467-9267 to reserve your own Airboat Adventures any day of the week!

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