Jazz Fest: Not the only New Orleans Attraction!

April 22, 2013

The awesome New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival is about to begin. Running from April 26th to May 5th, it’s something the entire city looks forward to. This festival is made up of a number of stages and an entourage of musical guests. Starting Friday, April 26th, it’s a great reason to come on out to the city. But it’s not just about the music, it’s about the food and the culture, it’s about the “experience”.

If you check it out online you can see the entire schedule as it pertains to not only music but crafts, food, culture, checking up on getting your Jazz Fest poster for the year, Online you can check out each day’s events separately or you can craft you own special schedule, you and your friends can share on Facebook and make plans to meet up and have a great time. 2013 Jazz Fest tickets and VIP packages are on sale now; if you get online and check out pricing you’ll be one step closer to not missing out!

The only downside to Jazz Fest is that all your favorite bands never play on the same day, or in the right time span. If you find yourself needing to fill a day in your crazy Jazz Fest schedule, take a look at Airboat Adventures! Airboat Adventures is a swamp tour company that resides just over thirty minutes outside of the French Quarter. They offer an exciting way to spend some downtime from the festival and continue to get a taste for true Louisiana culture.  You will get to experience real predators, real wildlife, real people and in your face excitement. See and touch real alligators, watch feedings, and take the opportunity to see a piece of over 20,000 acres of cypress swamp land.

Whether you’re coming for vacation, or planning on spending a weekend in the city, Jazz Fest is a great time to see New Orleans blossom. Airboat Adventures offers good times at fair prices with schedules that are flexible and can fit around other plans you might have for the day. Combined, the Jazz Fest and swamp tours make for compelling reasons to get on down to New Orleans and make a trip out of it, a trip you won’t soon forget.

New Orleans has so much to offer

April 12, 2013

Looking for a reason to visit New Orleans? We’ve got a great one going on right now! Get on down to the city for the infamous French Quarter Festival, known as the largest free music festival in the South. This amazing 30th anniversary celebration will feature over eight hundred local musicians, more than sixty five of New Orleans finest restaurants, and even fireworks on the Mississippi River which will take place this Saturday on the 13th.

There are so many easy ways to make it into the Quarter for this great event. You can take the streetcar or local RTA busses; just visit www.notra.com for routes and schedules. Don’t forget a genuine experience on the ferry; you can see their locations and schedules at www.dotd.la.gov/ferry. But if you have a physical fitness bug to feed, you can always take a bike ride into the Quarter the Festival has bike parking at Bienville St. at the entrance to the Riverfront.

Besides great festivals and attractions going on all the time, don’t forget about taking an Airboat Adventures Swamp Tour. They are just thirty minutes outside of the French Quarter and they offer a more exotic side of Louisiana, where the wildlife comes just inches from your face! These tours offer majestic views of cypress swampland which are educational and exciting. All of their captains are certified and focus on utmost safety at all times. Unique opportunities await you on these airboat tours, including touching a baby alligator and watching a scary, yet exciting, live feeding of real wild alligators!

This city is literally alive no matter what time of year it is. We always have a festival, parade or your favorite scary tours going on. Bubbling with history and waiting to give exceptional hospitality, New Orleans wants to serve you. Airboat Adventures is just another company doing what it can to give something more serious and heartfelt back to tourists and natives alike. A true representation of a culture less explored, but with thrilling rewards awaits you on these tours. Pick up the phone or go online and schedule your tour now, check out different packages and schedules to see what will be best for you and yours. Most of all, have fun and be safe, New Orleans is waiting.

Swamp Tour Adventures

April 5, 2013

Airboat Adventures is a brilliant venue where excitement and danger live together in a never-ending struggle to amaze your senses. Swamp tours give you a sense of real wildlife and an awesome perspective of the food chain. From predatory birds to in your face alligators, there is so much to see on one of these tours. When cruising the swampland on a fast airboat letting the wind blow through your face, staring adventure in the face and conquering nature with the courage to look under the veil is for you, then come take a tour with Airboat Adventures and see what this experience is all about.

For all the information you need, Airboat Adventures has a great social media network, and it’s all for you. Check out their Facebook and get connected, this tool keeps customers both past and future connected with comments and suggestions to make the experience that much greater. Facebook creates an amazing profile that shows people how things really get done at Airboat Adventures. And there is so much that can be done with Facebook, videos can be posted, pictures can be posted, great suggestions for reasons to visit the city, and even testimonials from those who have already taken tours. Who better to hear about the tours from than people who have already taken them!

It may seem simple to just get on an airboat and take a tour, but there are safety precautions that you must adhere to, and the Airboat Adventure captains are well trained and always prepared for anything. You can always be sure that while the wild is a dangerous place that you’re always in the most capable hands nature has to offer.

All you have to do is get online and check out Airboat Adventures’ website and Facebook. Check out great information about the tours, upcoming city events, pictures, videos, and positive testimonials. There is a fountain of information available to help you make your decision to not just come out for a tour, but to bring your family and friends. Don’t forget to rest at a snazzy hotel in the French Quarter because Airboat Adventures will come and pick you up! They run a great shuttle service and are only about thirty minutes outside with Quarter. Great food, great times, and a great tour await you in New Orleans, plan your trip today.