St Charles Streetcar Stop till You Drop Art Stops

June 26, 2023

There’s nothing like the romance of a streetcar. If you’ve never ridden one, just imagine the nostalgia of a classic meeting space before the times of ample screen time, having the luxury of standing next to a stranger or even a potential friend with a movie-like scenery passing you by. All of this is a selling point but what’s more, is its cost. Do you know what’s more affordable than renting a car, or getting a cab? The public service of a streetcar! With this in mind, one of the most notable reasons for the streetcar being a caveat is its journey from one part of the city to the next. We’re going to take you on one of your own. Just sign up for the Le Pass app where you can check the times of the streetcar and pay for the ride. If you want to keep it old school, they take cash too! Grab ahold of your favorite people and be prepared to spend the entire day eating and drinking your way into a new pant size while exploring the arts.

The Artful Journey: Must-Visit Stops Along the St. Charles Streetcar Line

Canal at Carondelet: A Cajun Sunrise and Breakfast Bonanza

For our morning people (and not so morning people) we’re bringing you to the Legacy kitchen for the very first and most important thing you should do before heading out into this Creole journey. It’s breakfast of course! Legacy Kitchen is the perfect place for a person who doesn’t want brunch to end because here it’s served daily until noon. This spot includes both large and small plates so you can choose what you’re up for. Whether you go for the Classic American Heartland or the Bonvoy Restaurant, it’s worth it.

St Charles And Lafayette: Musical Arts

Next up we have the notorious Lafayette Square named after the French military leader Marquis De Lafayette who was essential in winning the revolutionary war. This park is used mostly for Wednesdays at The Square. What is this mystical celebration you may ask? On Wednesdays at The Square, you get a free musical show! The festivities are held by the Young Leadership Council, a non-profit civic council that makes leaders through projects within the community. The music played isn’t one size fits all either, so don’t worry about getting bored. This musical variety includes jazz, pop-funk, and even Latin-style sounds. There will be of course more food with the many vendors who show up but also dancing for those of you who like to jive. Go ahead and check it out for yourself to see what all the excitement is about!

St Charles And Girod: Gallery Style Art

This gallery is for all you inner Andy Warhols, or just mere admirers for that matter. Starting at the IBIS Contemporary Art Gallery, this gallery was created in 2021 by two Michiganders by the name of Margaret Davis and Louis Marinaro who are former studio art professors turned gallery owners. Their gallery showcases national and international artistry reflecting the diversity that New Orleans has to offer. If you want contemporary take no more time to contem..plate. This gallery has your name on it.

The Antieau Gallery is next, with Chris Roberts-Antieau as the artist showcased here. Chris came from humble beginnings; she described herself as a C and D student growing up that never even went to art school, but this notion clearly didn’t stop her from following her sheer intuition. Her art ranges from textile pieces to taxidermist art and is well worth a visit.

The Martine Chaisson Gallery is perfect if you’re looking for hot and new. This gallery showcases a collection of emerging artists with multiple mediums such as photography, sculpture, or paintings. Although the artists may rotate, you can always expect the same careful selection of what makes an artist worthy of being shown here.

Steve Martin Fine Art has both classic art pieces and new up-and-coming artists. Martin, the gallery owner, likes to showcase art that both IS serious and also does not seem to be serious. If you’re wondering what that looks like, go see it for yourself.

Last, but certainly not least, The Degas Gallery offers more contemporary pieces with a splash of drawings that have vibrant colors and lots of texture.

Bring out your inner art collector and critique away while at these galleries.

St Charles At ERAto: Lunch Intermission

After all the excitement, you’re going to need some more food. Did someone say Peruvian? No? Well, you can say it now. Mais Arepas is a nice blend of Caribbean and Peruvian hints with Colombian cuisine. This place of course serves arepas, but it also serves a large range of dishes from its culture too. Try their very popular Empanadas Calenas or one of their tropical cocktails. Don’t forget to check out their happy hour! dsada

St Charles And St Joseph: Museum Marvels and Exploring Art on a Grand Scale

And for our next stop, more art, on a larger scale.

These centers are notable places that you could probably spend a day in, but a short pit stop will do just as well.

The Contemporary Arts Center of New Orleans is truly an appealing sight for the eyes just in architecture alone, but the pieces within are equally divine. In this center, they wanted to combine the artists with their communities and build off of ideas. The Contemporary Arts Center not only supports artists in the area, but also creates learning opportunities.

Ogden Museum of Southern Art is known for its most extensive collection of Southern art. The Museum holds events, educational programs, music, and even some culinary arts to dig into the depth of Southern culture. Inside, consists of Roger H. Ogden’s’ donated pieces. Roger was a New Orleans philanthropist and entrepreneur. Today, the museum holds 4,000 pieces of work from different artists around the southern states. See what’s kept this place open since 1999.

St Charles And Napoleon: The Finale, Dinner

Now for the moment, we’ve all been waiting for a feast fit for patrons of the arts! Also, formally known as dinner. Superior Seafood is the spot you want to hit when saving the best for last.  This restaurant is known for its authentic Creole flavor. While here you can get New Orleans classics like po boys or gumbo. Or feel free to get fancy with their scallops, and don’t forget to check out the oyster bar. The aesthetic brings the room together with antique elements from around the city to give the spot a little more authenticity. This may be your last stop, but this place is sure to hit the spot.

Once you’ve completed your route through New Orleans by streetcar, try it by boat! Explore one of our airboat tours and get out of the city for a bit. Between fascinating reptiles and a ride made for the adventure of a lifetime, you won’t regret it.