Embracing Local Art at New Orleans Jazz Fest

September 12, 2022

New Orleans Jazz Fest is back!

It’s felt like forever since the last Jazz Fest but it’s finally back and we were so thrilled to check out the music, with acts such as Stevie Nicks, Lionel Richie, and Red Hot Chili Peppers headlining, as well as local and regional favorites such as Lost Bayou Ramblers, Sweet Crude, and Little Freddie King. Along with music, art vendors came back, selling everything from paintings to clothes. Here, we are highlighting New Orleans-based artists that you shouldn’t sleep on, we certainly didn’t. We hope to see them again next year.

Mardi Gras Indians at New Orleans Jazz Fest

Mardi Gras Indians at New Orleans Jazz Fest. Nicolas Henderson, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons



With the mission of empowering the people of Lesotho, Edward Wycliff designs and sells bowties and neckties which are crafted by the people of Lesotho. Bow Shoeshoe empowers the people of Lesotho by facilitating entrepreneurship development in isolated communities, ultimately training those in underserved communities to support themselves through bowtie and necktie craftsmanship. By working in seven underserved communities, they provide residents of the communities with a stable source of well-paid labor, bringing employment opportunities to areas struck by extreme poverty. Pronounced “shway-shway”, shoeshoe is the traditional cotton textile of South Africa, which became an iconic symbol of Lesotho. As Wycliff said, “It truly does take a village to produce each Bow Shoeshoe product.”

OSCAR DONAHUE – Oscar of New Orleans


Oscar Donahue grew up in the inner city of Kansas City, Missouri, with limited resources but surrounded by strong familial bonds and an abundance of love from family members. His artistry started early in life, as he was drawing at the age of 5. A goal setter, Donahue decided that he wants to be senior class president in his first year of school, so he embarked on a four-year mission and achieved his dream. After moving to New Orleans in 1984, he spent his weekends drawing portraits at the French Market before starting to design whimsical colorful jewelry to increase his income and support his family.


A native of Haiti living in New Orleans, Marie Jose Poux founded the Hope for Haitian Children foundation, where she gives aid and support to abandoned or orphaned children in Haiti, as well as support parents and families in need. Marie Jose Poux’s dedication and hard work have kept the Haitian orphanage fully functional. Ms. Poux’s Haitian artwork and straw hats were surely a great hit and we cannot wait to see more from her.

DARRIN BUTLER – Color in Wood


Born and raised in New Orleans, Darrin Butler excelled in music and the arts at his school, with wood and metal as his preferred mediums. Living in New Orleans allowed him to be well immersed in music and art, whether it’s art museums or the people of New Orleans that dress in visually stunning and creative attire. We absolutely loved his mixed media pieces and wood-metal wall sculptures that he was selling during the first weekend of Jazz Fest.



A self-taught artist, Epaul Julien started his career in 1995 as a fine art photographer. After having to abandon his oversized photo gear in order to evacuate for Hurricane Katrina in 2005, he salvaged his work from the storm, and combined with his artistic vision, he created mixed media art by working with what he had. His art is influenced by New Orleans history, abstract expressionist art, and a constant supply of leftover home renovation materials overflowing in city dumpsters. He is resourceful, environmentally conscious, and with a passion for representing his city through art. Epaul Julien sold gold and silver leaf photography during the first weekend of Jazz Fest and we’re definitely keeping an eye out for more of his work.


Etsy Shop

Chester Allen is an award-winning, nationally renowned, sterling silver jewelry artist. With over 30 years of work under his belt, his extensive line of work includes pieces inspired by his background in music, along with work inspired by sacred geometry. His portfolio ranges from casual everyday jewelry to fine jewelry using premium material.

LAMENE SENE – Sunugal la Classe

Lamine Sene first started sewing at age 15 as a job in their native country, Senegal, where they developed their passion for fashion and started designing their own clothing. They started traveling to Europe to do fashion shows, then traveling to the United States for the first time in 1989. They came to New Orleans in 1995 to vend at Jazz Fest, fell in love with the city, resulting in a move to New Orleans. They still have their shop in Senegal but set up every day at the French Market in New Orleans. Lamine Sene sold Senegalese clothing during the second weekend of Jazz Fest and has left us hungry for more.

SHAKOR WHITE – Gallery Cayenne


With a career as an artist spanning more than three decades, Shakor White does not plan on stopping anytime soon. A painter and sculptor, his work embraces both non-objective abstract and objective realism. Drawing inspiration from classic works such as the sculpture of Michelangelo, he fuses that technical inspiration with his spiritual inspiration, drawn from the culture of New Orleans. Shakor White went to art school, beginning his career as a graphic designer, before moving to New Orleans in pursuit of complete artistic freedom and to practice his art with no reservations. Shakor White’s 3-dimensional acrylic paintings were breathtaking to see in person.


Award-winning and self-taught, Jessica Strahan is a painter and muralist who draws her inspiration from vibrant New Orleans and the African diaspora, creating portraits that magnify African influence on New Orleans culture with a focus on cultural practices, residential architecture, culinary traditions, and the features and styles of New Orleans residents. Jessica Strahan sold her acrylic paintings during the second weekend of Jazz Fest and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for her.

Don’t forget to create some memories and take a SWAMP tour with Airboat Adventures any day, we’re open year-round.


French Quarter Fest

August 24, 2022

The past weeks months have been busy, as festivals are finally started making a comeback after two years of lockdown. The good news is there will always be something going on over moving forward, so you will have something to celebrate no matter when you pay a visit. We ate, drank, and danced at French Quarter Fest. New Orleans is back with a vengeance and she’s not going anywhere.

However, we did have some festivals get canceled for 2023 (looking at you, BUKU). The horrible news had us make a beeline for the FQF website, where we found the dates for both 2023 and 2024. We are thrilled and cannot wait for next April. Look through our favorite 2022 food vendors and get your taste buds excited for French Quarter Festival 2023!

We are so happy about the return of French Quarter Fest and it was a blast! we can’t wait until fqf 2023.

Streetcar Downtown New Orleans

French Quarter Fest is Back!

With festivals making a comeback, New Orleans’s best restaurants brought their special festival dishes to French Quarter Fest. We missed festival food, and we’re sharing our festival culinary “plan” with everyone. Here’s what we were excited about eating this French Quarter Fest. Helpful Tip: bringing a group is the ideal situation so you can sample all these dishes!

Broussard’s Restaurant

Open in 1920, this French-Creole restaurant has withstood the test of time. Once you try their cuisine, you’ll understand why. We loved their crab cake sliders at their French Quarter Fest Jackson Square booth. We wanted more than the limited menu at their French Quarter Fest booth so we visited their stunning brick-and-mortar location, less than a ten-minute walk away from Jackson Square, featuring a beautiful courtyard for us to sit down, dine, and enjoy the beautiful day.

Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse

This French Quarter fine dining staple made its way to Jackson Square for French Quarter Fest as well, with a small menu of offerings. Here, at Airboat Adventures, we were excited about their barbecue shrimp po’boy. There is nothing better than New Orleans-style barbecue shrimp that is contained in its own bread vessel (boat pun intended) since we all love dipping French bread into the sauce accompanying this famous shrimp plate. There’s nothing better than a New Orleans classic, contained in bread, from this critically acclaimed restaurant. When we find ourselves craving more Dickie Brennan’s, we like to visit their French Quarter brick-and-mortar location, which is just a ten-minute walk away.


This fine-dining Creole restaurant, known for its Friday lunch, also offers a select few dishes in Jackson Square for French Quarter Fest. We were most excited about their festival exclusive fried sweet potato pie. When we crave than their festival menu, we go on over to their brick-and-mortar location on Bourbon Street, where we can eat in their beautiful dining room, adorned with high ceilings and slow paddle fans. A word of warning: arrive early as there are no exceptions to their famed first-come-first-served policy for their first-floor dining area.

Plum Street Snoballs

This classic Uptown neighborhood stand went downtown for French Quarter Fest! One of the best snowball stands in the city, they showed up, bringing many flavors, to help us beat the New Orleans heat. With unforgivable heat, we definitely kept this stand on our weekend’s radar.

Crabby Jack’s

Known for their fried seafood po’boys, this off-the-beaten-path joint on Jefferson Highway has been offering no-frills Cajun fare since 2002. We were excited that they were bringing their offerings all the way to French Quarter Fest and were anticipating their shrimp and grits, which is one of the menu items they brought along Downtown. Their Jefferson Highway location closes during French Quarter Fest, so we know they’re serious about offering their best at the festival. Their other restaurant, the famous Jacques-Imo’s also offered their fare at Jackson Square; the slow-roasted duck po’boy  was exquisite.

Parish Seafood

Crawfish season was in full swing, and Parish Seafood camped out at New Orleans Jazz Museum at the Old US Mint with crawfish platters, including all the Fixin’s, with an option to add smoked sausage. We got our hands dirty and fed our crawfish craving at their US Mint tent.

The Court of Two Sisters

We went on over to the Jax Lot for a classy twist on creole classics from this spot known for its daily jazz brunch and whimsical courtyard. We were especially excited to try their berry glazed bacon & jalapeno duck poppers. We loved knowing that we could also head over to their nearby brick-and-mortar location and enjoy basking in their courtyard, adorned with wisteria vines.

Jack Dempsey’s

This beloved, casual Bywater eatery brought its famed fare to Jax Lot! Known for their huge portions of seafood, they did not disappoint at French Quarter Fest, as they brought their baked macaroni, fried shrimp, stuffed crab, and soft-shell crab po’boys to the French Quarter. Tip: bring your friends and appetite as choosing is going to be tough at this booth, we’re glad that we did.

Ms. Linda’s Ya-Ka-Mein

Found at many corner stores, Ya-Ka-Mein is one of the best-kept secrets that New Orleans has to offer. This soup, a blend of many cultures, is classic New Orleans comfort food, and it features meat, noodles, scallions, hard-boiled eggs, and a unique broth. Ya-Ka-Mein is a result of the blending of cultures, something a lot of New Orleans food has in common. It was highly recommended that we find Ms. Linda, known around New Orleans as The Ya-Ka-Mein Lady, and try out this classic. Luckily, it wasn’t hard to find her as she was at the Jax Lot all weekend.

Beaucoup Eats

This Mid-City eatery known for their Creole Comfort Cuisine served up some “dirty gumbo” and “voodoo mac” and we were very intrigued by this offering. Our curiosity peeked so we found ourselves lurking around their Kohlmeyer Lawn booth throughout the festival. It was delicious.

14 Parishes

One of our personal favorites posted up at the Palm Lawn. Their jerk chicken and juices are to die for. Their sweet plantains are some of the best that we’ve tried (this includes someone that otherwise dislikes plantains).

Looking for something else to do to hold you over until french quarter fest 2023? Check out our swamp tours! Looking for a place to stay? Look no further. We hope you enjoyed french quarter fest, we did.

Essence Festival New Orleans: Where To Eat

June 22, 2022

Black Woman-Owned places to eat at During Essence Festival Weekend New Orleans

Janet Jackson performing live
© J Vettorino, Creative Commons

Essence Festival New Orleans is back!

Essence Festival New Orleans initially started as a one-time event in 1999 to celebrate Essence Magazine’s 25th anniversary, luckily for everyone, it turned into an annual event. Essence magazine covers beauty, fashion, entertainment, and culture and is geared towards Black women, resulting in a festival celebrating Black culture in the United States. Essence Festival New Orleans is often labeled as a festival with a purpose. This year’s lineup includes big names such as Janet Jackson and Nicki Minaj, usually considered bucket list live shows.

Essence Festival New Orleans 2022 is a must-go-to. We know you will be looking for places to eat during the festival so we rounded up places to eat that are black woman-owned.

Compere Lapin

Compere Lapin’s Nina Compton has it all as a chef and restaurant owner. She is a James Beard award winner, Top Chef season 11’s runner up contestant as well as the fan-favorite (voted by viewers), Food & Wine magazine’s 2017 best new chef, and her native St. Lucia’s culinary ambassador.

Described by restaurant guests as pure genius, Nina Compton’s Compere Lapin is described as one of the best dining experiences in New Orleans. Compere Lapin manages to provide an upscale dining experience without the pretentious vibes that follow these kinds of establishments.

Nina Compton’s Caribbean roots and formal training in French tradition at the Culinary Institute of America make for Compere Lapin’s Caribbean twist on French cuisine. Try out the curried goat and sweet potato or the red snapper. Reservations recommended. 535 Tchoupitoulas St, New Orleans, LA 70130


Vyoone Segue Lewis’s book of family recipes and knack for success resulted in her namesake restaurant, Vyoone’s. Vyoone Segue Lewis’s family is deep-rooted in New Orleans tradition, with four generations of Afro-Creole and French ancestors in New Orleans; so, the food is as authentic as it gets. Her dedication to bringing her visions to reality resulted in a laundry list of achievements: Dr. Lewis is a pediatric geneticist from Tulane University who was involved with the Human Genome Project, a formally NOCCA trained classical musician with expertise in clarinet and contrabass, a published science scholar, and a YWCA award winner due to her dedication to empowering women in Louisiana.

Vyoone’s, the downtown hidden gem, provides a unique experience for all, it’s perfect for both large parties and date night. As you enter, you’ll find yourself in a long golden hallway with lights, leading to a courtyard setting with indoor dining available as well. Vyoone Segue Lewis is usually present to greet you with guests raving about her presence being an important asset in the five-star dining experience, which is reminiscent of a true Parisian bistro. Try out their escargot, which has an excellent cream sauce. 412 Girod St, New Orleans, LA 70130


When Gambian businesswoman Fanta Tambajang came to New Orleans, she brought authentic Gambian cuisine along with her. Bennachin originally opened in Metairie before moving to the French Quarter as the restaurant became more established. It is now a household name due to the variety of West African cuisine available, accommodating those with all dietary restrictions without skimping on flavor. Try out their black-eyed fritters, plantains, lamb with gravy, or egusi soup. And of course, their namesake dish, the bennachin, which is jollof rice with spinach (and the option to add meat), locals describe it as a spicier jambalaya. 1212 Royal St, New Orleans, LA 70116

Ma Momma’s House

After working in corporate America as a banker for two decades, Nicole Mackie took a step back for her wellbeing (self-care is important!) and partnered with her sister, Rene “Chef Reero” Poyraz who has over twenty years of restaurant experience as well as being a Take Fo’ recording artist, and husband, Earl, to open Ma Momma’s House.

The three divided and conquered with their skillsets to operate the restaurant that brought chicken and waffles to New Orleans, as well as a commitment to bring business to the New Orleans East area, an area that suffered a great loss from Hurricane Katrina, by having New Orleans East as one of their locations. Afterward, they opened another New Orleans location at Pythian Market.

Try their chicken and waffles or their red beans; after all, they were the 2018 Red Beans Madness champions. Pythian Market: 234 Loyola Ave, New Orleans, LA 70112. New Orleans East: 5741 Crowder Blvd. Suite A-3, New Orleans, LA 70127

14 Parishes

Owned and operated by Lauren Blake and her husband, 14 Parishes serves Jamaican classics in a casual setting that is adorned in colorful artwork with tables made of reclaimed wood that contribute to their rustic vibes. Named after the 14 parishes of Jamaica, this spot is authentic due to Lauren Blake’s husband Charles Blake’s Jamaican roots, with him being born in Spanish Town, Jamaica. Make sure you try out their juices while you’re there. Pythian Market: 234 Loyola Ave, New Orleans, LA 70112. Oak Street: 8227 Oak Street, New Orleans, LA 70118

Coco Hut

Owned by Pam Thompson, this Seventh Ward spot has served the people of New Orleans with authentic Caribbean food since 2000. Coco Hut’s cozy environment goes hand in hand with its colorful décor. Their jerk salmon dish is a must-have, as well as their salads which come with their flavorful homemade dressings. 2515 Bayou Rd, New Orleans, LA 70119

Lil Dizzy’s

This Baquet family restaurant, Lil Dizzy’s, owned by Arkesha Baquet and her husband, serves Creole fare “hot and straight from the pot” in Treme, one of the oldest Black neighborhoods in the United States. Try their famous golden fried chicken or the gumbo. Their side dishes, the real champions of southern fare, are great, as are the portions. 1500 Esplanade Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70116

Sweet Soul Food

Chetwan Smith’s vegan restaurant serves up plant-based and soy-free soul food infused with Cajun flavor. Sweet Soul Food provides affordable and healthy cuisine, without skimping on flavor, in a lively cafeteria setting. Those with a sweet tooth are in luck, Sweet Soul Food doesn’t skimp on sweets either, with many rave reviews. Try out their jambalaya, “cheesy” grits, or potato salad. 1025 N Broad Street, New Orleans, LA 70119

Monday Restaurant & Bar

If you’re looking to leave the downtown area for a breather, take the Canal streetcar line to Mid-City and try out Lenora Chong’s unique twist on Cajun and Creole cuisine. Named Monday, the restaurant’s goal is for guests to change their minds about their least favorite day of the week. With many restaurants closed on Monday, visiting Monday Restaurant & Bar is a no-brainer. Of course, they are also open for the rest of the week. Try out their vegan red beans and rice, after all, red beans and rice on Monday is a tradition in New Orleans.

Lenora Chong also owns the popular restaurant, Morrow’s, in Faubourg Marigny, a stone’s throw from the French Quarter. Check Morrow’s out if Creole-Korean fusion tickles your fancy… or tastebuds. 4327 Bienville Street, New Orleans, LA 70119

We hope you enjoy Essence Festival New Orleans

Looking for a place to stay during Essence Fest New Orleans? See our hotel recommendations here.

New Orleans Memorial Day Weekend

May 26, 2022

New Orleans Memorial Day Weekend American Flag

KICK OFF your summer in New Orleans this Memorial Day Weekend.

The last Monday of May is a day to observe, mourn, and commemorate our brave military personnel who died while serving their country. Many flock to New Orleans with their families in tow during the long Memorial Day weekend to pay respect and celebrate the men and women that died for their country. Check out our recommendations for paying respect and celebrating our brave heroes.

Military Museums to Visit During Your New Orleans Memorial Day Weekend Trip

Pay respect to the fallen soldiers by visiting military museums to learn more about the wars that they fought in.

The National World War II Museum

Your first stop should be the National WWII Museum located in downtown New Orleans. A simple 20-minute walk from the French Quarter, you can expect to spend about four hours touring the museum’s six-acre campus. Located in New Orleans due to the significance behind the LCVP Higgins Boat, the landing craft that brought US soldiers back to shore in every major-land assault. The National WWII Museum documents the WWII American experience with an immersive tour of WWII, featuring exhibits, multimedia experiences, and thousands of personal accounts. Recharge during your tour at the American Sector Restaurant & Bar; try out their shrimp & grits or the gulf shrimp remoulade. Or grab a quick bite in a retro diner setting at the Jeri Nima Soda Shop.

Ansel M. Stroud Jr. Military History & Weapons Museum

Also known as the Jackson Barracks Military Museum, located at the Jackson Barracks Historic Site. At this underrated museum, you can find stories of Louisiana citizen-soldiers from the colonial era up to contemporary operations. Learn stories of Louisiana militia this Memorial Day weekend or understand how our soldiers held it together for us during peacetime operations like natural and manmade disasters. Visit the Jackson Barracks and learn about the sacrifices that Louisiana guardsmen and their families made for us.

Where To Eat During Your New Orleans Memorial Day Weekend Trip

Experience New Orleans with these unique dining choices.

Have A BBQ Or Picnic at The Fly

Head on to the far end of Audubon Park to find yourself at The Fly. Located behind the Audubon Zoo, you’ll find The Riverview, fondly referred to by locals as “The Fly.” At The Fly, you can relax, BBQ, or have a picnic with a frisbee in hand. For the sporty ones, there are many athletic fields for you to play soccer, lacrosse, rugby, and whatever else your heart desires. The Fly also boasts five baseball diamonds where you can engage in America’s favorite pastime.

Visit & Eat at The Southern Food & Beverage Museum

For a unique dining experience, head to The Southern Food & Beverage Museum. Founded in 2004, the SoFAB started studying and appreciating the intersection of food, beverage, and culture of New Orleans and the Deep South. Originally a popup, SoFAB expanded twice to accommodate their growth from humble beginnings; the first exhibit consisted of borrowed artifacts. After the success of the first exhibit, people began supporting the museum by donating family artifacts. There is truly something for everyone at this culinary museum. Check out their cocktail museum and browse their culinary library with over 11,000 books. Eat at the museum by taking a cooking class where you’ll experience a hands-on exploration of Creole cuisine, followed by lunch.

Immerse Yourself in These Experiences During Your New Orleans Memorial Day Weekend Trip

It isn’t a New Orleans trip without getting to experience the best things that the city has to offer.

Take An Airboat or Pontoon Tour with Airboat Adventures

Take a short trip out of New Orleans and enjoy nature with us at Airboat Adventures. From airboats to pontoons, Airboat Adventures offers the best swamp tours in the state. You can even arrange for us to pick you up from your hotel.

Greek Fest

Celebrate Greek culture in New Orleans on Memorial Day Weekend at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral. Listen and dance to Greek music as well as eat Greek food at this indoor-outdoor celebration of Greek culture. Check out a classic Greek taverna built just for Greek Fest where you can sample some Greek wines, try Greek iced coffee, and buy ouzo by the shot or bottle. There are activities for everyone at this festival. Kids can enjoy an Athenian playground with face painting and crafts. There are cooking demos that adults can enjoy as well. Want to dance? Hit up the stage to watch some Hellenic dancers in their colorful native costumes; there’s a dance floor where everyone is welcome to and encouraged to try out some Greek dancing. There are more activities in your arsenal; you can take a cathedral tour or make your dream of running a marathon at their annual 5K.

The Music Box Village

Arts non-profit New Orleans’s main project, the whimsical Music Box Village is the brainchild and collaborative project of the New Orleans arts community. At Music Box Village, you can find installations, performances, and the chance to explore. This Memorial Day weekend, you can find live music, open hours with docents, and a drag brunch.

Sonesta Sunday

Kick off your summer with a splash at The Royal Sonesta New Orleans. Cool off and relax by their pool with a daiquiri in hand while you enjoy some live music. The dress code is “pool chic” attire and there is a full bar featuring daiquiri machines. Purchase tickets here and go live your best life. Food is available for purchase, Tickets come with a complimentary daiquiri and valet parking.

Here’s to having a fun, memorable, unique New Orleans Memorial Day Weekend! Don’t forget to book your Airboat Adventure.


Where To Stay During New Orleans Airboat Adventure Tour

January 20, 2022

Best Places to Stay During Your New Orleans Airboat Adventures Tour


New Orleans is famous for its vibrant nightlife, extravagant Mardi Gras season, jazz music, voodoo, and historic Creole-style architecture. It is also the perfect hub for those looking for outdoor adventure, boasting a catalog of iconic hotels. Whether you want to wind down after a New Orleans airboat tour at Airboat Adventures, enjoy what our historic hotels have to offer, or sleep in after a night of partying, we got you! Best part? Airboat Adventures has an option for shuttle pick up from hotels in the Greater New Orleans Area.

Exterior of Hotel Monteleone New Orleans

“New Orleans – French Quarter ‘Hotel Monteleone'” by David Paul Ohmer is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Boutique Hotels

Boutique hotels are smaller hotels in fashionable neighborhoods. They’re more intimate and focus on art and design more than other hotels.

Old 77 Hotel & Chandlery

Located in the trendy Warehouse District of New Orleans, the industrial-chic Old 77 Hotel & Chandlery has so much to offer. Three blocks from the French Quarter, the One 77 is close to all the fun but far enough for a quiet peaceful sleep or just to wind down after your airboat tour. Bonus points: complimentary pet services, pet snacks from local dog bakery, “Café Du Bone”, a rotating art collection on display, and a virtual concierge called Paige.

ONE11 Hotel

We love tradition here in New Orleans, but we love growth even more. ONE11 Hotel is the first new French Quarter hotel in 50 years. Not only is the ONE11 steps away from Audubon Aquarium, but they also have a rooftop terrace with stunning city views. They have a 24/7 grab-and-go bar should you have the urge for a late-night snack without having to leave the hotel. You can also dine at Batture Bar + Bistro, which offers delicious small plates and a climate-controlled porch featuring a pool and firepit.

Ace Hotel

If you’re looking for the consistency and convenience of a chain with the “coolness” that boutique hotels exude, look no further than the Ace Hotel. This stylish boutique chain serves visitors with its cool chic vibes and high-quality service in the major cities of North America and Japan. Located in the trendy warehouse district, the Ace is steps away from the streetcar and a fifteen-minute walk from the world-famous Bourbon Street. Rudy’s Barbershop provides toiletries for their fashionable rooms, while all suites have living rooms equipped with record players and acoustic guitars. The pet-friendly hotel offers chic restaurants, bars, a rooftop pool, and a retro photo booth. Their regular live entertainment and cool chic vibes attract the “hip” locals as you’ll always see them hanging around at the restaurants and the rooftop pool.

Higgins Hotel

World War II history buffs will love everything that the bespoke Higgins Hotel has to offer. As the official hotel of the National WWII Museum, this hotel is a historian’s Disney World. Part of Hilton’s Curio Collection, this boutique hotel has everything that the Hilton chain has to offer as well. Higgins Hotel boasts impressive dining options as well as ‘Rosie the Riveter’ themed bar, Rosie’s On The Rooftop.

The Frenchmen Hotel

A stone’s throw away from the French Quarter lies The Frenchmen Hotel in the Marigny. This 19th-century hotel, remodeled in 2021, boasts lush courtyards with a pool and hot tub. This adults-only hotel has an open-air mezzanine bar available now and new bar, Midnight Revival, opening its doors February 2022. They also have a breakfast room with complimentary coffee and food for purchase.

Historic Hotels

Being that New Orleans is rich in history, it is natural that a few hotels would be part of the prestigious Historic Hotels of America program. Here’s a couple of the best.

Hotel Monteleone

Hotel Monteleone has been family-owned and run since 1880. Not only is this luxurious hotel a historic landmark, but it’s also one of the three literary landmarks in North America. Hotel Monteleone is famous for housing many literary figures; there are five literary suites available. Literary genius Tennessee Williams featured Hotel Monteleone in one of his plays, he called it home prior to purchasing his French Quarter mansion. Another suite is named after Truman Capote, who loved telling everyone that he was born inside Hotel Monteleone; his mother was transported from the hotel to the hospital where she gave birth. The hotel boasts 522 rooms and 55 luxury suites. While you’re there, make sure you have a drink at the famous Carousel Bar & Lounge.

Hilton New Orleans/St. Charles Hotel

This historic hotel has the Hilton chain convenience, consistency, and affordability without skimping on the magnificent décor, architecture, and history that New Orleans has to offer. Formerly a Masonic temple, Hilton New Orleans’s interior features turn of the era influences with nods to the Art Deco movement in modern tones of grey and umber. This certified environmentally sustainable hotel offers brasserie-style dining option, Luke, and room service for those that want a quick meal at the hotel before setting off to enjoy everything the city has to offer.

Bed & Breakfast

If you’re looking for a homey feel and stellar service, you may want to look into bed & breakfast lodging. These converted homes are owner-occupied and will give you a great taste of southern hospitality.

Elysian Fields Inn

If you’re looking for a New Orleans twist on a classic, look no further than this Marigny property. Bob and Michelle, Elysian Fields Inn‘s keepers, really love New Orleans so you know you’re in good hands. Five blocks from the French Quarter, this well-kept inn has a climate-controlled pool and the option to rent out the entire inn, which can accommodate a total of 18 guests.

Blue60 Guest House

A fifteen-minute walk from the French Quarter, this Marigny historic house, Blue60, has much to offer, including its very own house cat. This inn offers a great outdoor environment with lush décor and a large hot tub. Their unique rooms are decorated with the innkeeper’s photography, which is available for purchase. You can also stay in a porch or river suite, along with a garden apartment that features a full kitchen. Personal photography instruction is available on request.


You can still enjoy everything this beautiful city has to offer on a budget by staying at a hostel. Perfect for groups or solo travelers.

The Quisby

This 18+ hostel has staff available around the clock as well as a 24-hour bar. While Louisiana residents can only stay in their private rooms, out-of-state visitors can enjoy budget-friendly shared dorms, with a female-only dorm available. Located in the Lower Garden District by the St Charles streetcar, The Quisby went through many owners and names while maintaining a debaucherous reputation that warrants bragging rights. The Quisby’s fun and colorful history still lives on its walls (in poster form). Touring musicians are in like as The Quisby offers free accommodation in exchange for a gig at  Quartz Bar. Towels + linens provided.

Four Seasons

The Jack of All Trades, Four Seasons Hotel, deserves its own category as it combines pure luxury, family-friendliness, and history.  This long-anticipated luxury hotel finally opened their New Orleans location. This historic building was completed in 1968 to celebrate New Orleans’s 250th anniversary. Designed by modern architect Edward Durell Stone, the building initially housed the World Trade Center & International Trade Mart. With swimming pool facilities, gardens, luxurious suites, elevated food & drink, babysitting services, and a cultural center, Four Seasons Hotel truly has it all and then some more.

Now that you’ve checked out our hotel list, make sure to book your New Orleans Airboat Adventures tour with us!

Browse our photo gallery of our New Orleans Airboat Adventures!






New Orleans Swamp Tours: Everything You Need to Know

July 28, 2021

In this post-COVID era, travel is officially back in full swing. And Louisiana is one of the ideal destinations for families, celebrations, and impromptu trips. With the bustling city vibes of the French Quarter in downtown New Orleans, the peaceful calm of the swamps and rural surroundings, and everything in between, we’ve got something for every type of vacationer. 

That means people from all over the country are flocking to New Orleans for outdoor activities, unique sightseeing, and a little adventure to go with their Hurricane cocktails and po boys. 

If you’re planning to visit New Orleans any time soon, a swamp tour should be at the top of your list. It’s a picturesque way to see the Louisiana wildlife in its natural habitat, check out the unique world of the bayou, and even catch a cool breeze. 

We’ve pulled together some of the research for you, so you know exactly what type of tour to take, and what to expect once you get there. Here’s everything you need to know before buying your tickets for a New Orleans swamp tour. 

Are swamp tours open in New Orleans?

Yes, swamp tours are going strong in the summer of 2021. 

This open-air adventure is actually one of the safest activities you can book during your trip to New Orleans. You’ll be outside enjoying the fresh air, far away from the rowdy New Orleans crowds. Local Louisiana tour companies are also taking every precaution to ensure visitors are safe and confident taking their bayou tour. 

If you’d like to reserve a private boat for your group tour, give us a call and we’ll set up a private, guided tour experience.

Are swamp tours safe? 

Yes, New Orleans swamp tours are perfectly safe for people of all ages. Every boat is equipped with life preservers and safety gear, and led by a bayou-raised, local tour guide who knows the ins and outs of the bayou. 

Louisiana boat captains know the local wildlife better than anyone. They’re skilled at identifying alligators and wild boar from afar so they carefully approach the wildlife without alarming them, or you. Even when you encounter wild gators, you can rest assured that your tour guide is a pro at giving you the best view, without endangering anyone on the boat or disrupting the natural environment. So you can get that coveted alligator photo without ever worrying about your own safety. 

Airboat Adventures is also taking extra precautions to sanitize all surfaces on a regular basis. And since you’ll be in the open air for the entire tour, this is truly one of the safest activities you can book in New Orleans.

How much does a swamp tour cost?

Depending on the type of tour you take, tickets for a New Orleans swamp tour could cost anywhere from $30-$100. That’s a wide range, because you’ll need to consider what kind of boat you want to take a ride in, how reputable the tour company is, and whether you want to rent out a private boat for your own group. 

Airboat Adventures boasts some of the most knowledgeable captains in the area, and offer swamp tours starting at $55 per person. If you want to get even closer to the bayou wildlife, you can book a seat on a smaller airboat for $79 per person. For that ticket price, you’ll enjoy the unique experience of viewing the bayou from a small airboat with 6-8 passengers (faster and peppier than the typical pontoon boat). 

Are New Orleans swamp tours worth it?

Yes, your swamp tour is more than worth the price of admission: keep in mind that this is a one-of-a-kind adventure that you’ll only find in select parts of the country. It’s also much different from the more common New Orleans experiences, like walking Bourbon Street and taking historic house tours. (Don’t worry, there will be time for that after!). Need transportation? Don’t worry, Airboat Adventures also offers roundtrip transportation from downtown New Orleans for an additional $20 per person.

While on tour, you’ll sail past natural cypress trees that form the backdrop of breathtaking photos and life-long memories. And you can take advantage of your time with a local Louisiana native by asking your boat captain all your questions about Louisiana wildlife, history, and even culture.

After seeing real-life alligators, wild boar and other critters in their natural environment, a bayou tour is bound to be the highlight of your trip. Whether you’re traveling with a group, your family, or solo, swamp tours are truly worth the ticket price and travel time. 

What should I wear on a swamp tour?

Make sure you wear comfortable clothes that can withstand a splash here and there. Closed-toe shoes are recommended, so you can easily board the boat (and pivot fast to catch every alligator shot!). If you have it handy, toss in a bottle of bug spray and sunscreen to be safe (even if it’s overcast in the morning; the weather in Louisiana is notorious for changing by the hour). Also, don’t forget your sunglasses!

And otherwise, keep your packing light. You’ll need to stow away everything you bring under a seat on the boat so it doesn’t slide around or get wet. 

If you’re taking an airboat tour, remember that airboats pick up speed, so you may want to wear an extra layer in the fall and winter. 

What will I see on a New Orleans bayou tour?

You can expect to see alligators, a variety of bird life, and maybe even turtles and water snakes (from a safe distance!). An experienced guide will also point out the unique trees and plants that are native to the swamp environment. Depending on the tour, you may also see traditional Cajun fishing cabins where locals harvest crawfish and other seafood. 

You’ll see different types of wildlife at certain times of day or year. If you have any questions about what you’ll see on your swamp adventure, contact a local tour company

What’s the difference between an alligator and a crocodile?

You can easily tell the difference between an alligator and a crocodile based on the shape of their snout: alligators have more rounded mouths, while crocodiles have longer, more narrow heads. 

But if you see any massive reptile floating through a Louisiana swamp, you can be sure it’s an alligator. Only gators are native to Louisiana bayous; not crocodiles. Alligators continue to grow throughout their entire lifetime. They can live into their 50’s, and have been known to reach up to 500 lbs!

How long is a swamp tour?

Most bayou tours last around 2 hours, which is just enough time to explore the swamp, relax, and take as many photos as you can. 

If you’re staying in downtown New Orleans, it will likely be a 45 minute drive to get out to the bayou depending on traffic, so keep that in mind when you’re planning your day. The tour itself is well worth the extra travel time, since you’ll see a whole other aspect of Louisiana that you won’t want to miss. 

What is an airboat?

An airboat is a flat-bottomed boat with a raised propeller. You can easily identify an airboat by the large, raised fan in the back that powers the boat forward. 

They’re ideal for navigating shallow waters. Airboats have become increasingly popular for ecotours, since they can reach relatively high speeds, and are safe for the local environment. They originally gained popularity in Florida, but now you can enjoy the Louisiana bayou by airboat, too. 

Should I take a swamp tour on an airboat or pontoon boat?

Some swamp tour companies specialize in airboat rides, while others offer tours in pontoon boats. The main difference is that pontoon boats are quieter and can’t go nearly as fast as airboats can. 

For Louisiana swamp tours, many travelers prefer airboats: they go faster, which means you may get to explore more of the swamp in a short period of time. You’ll also enjoy a cool breeze as you speed through the bayou, which is especially refreshing during a New Orleans summer. Your airboat captain will always slow down and pause so you can get up close to the alligators, so you’ll get the best of both worlds.

Which swamp tours have the best reviews in New Orleans?

Airboat Adventures is one of the most highly ranked tour companies in New Orleans. They’ve earned 4.5 out of 5 stars on TripAdvisor, as well as a rating of 4.7 out of 5 on Google.

What are the best swamp tours in New Orleans?

Airboat Adventures offers some of the all-around best swamp tours in the area. They’re well-established, with a team of experienced boat captains who know exactly where to go to introduce you to alligators, wild boar, and more. You’ll learn all about the bayou, and the wide range of plants and animals that call Louisiana home. 

If you’re looking for a more laid-back tour of the swamp, another well-regarded tour provider is Adventures of Jean Lafitte, offering pontoon boat tours.

Swamp tours are one of the most popular New Orleans activities, so you have options when it comes to choosing a tour company. Regardless of who you choose, you’ll want to reserve a spot with a tour company that’s earned plenty of positive reviews and customer testimonials

Get ready for an amazing tour experience.

No matter what time of year you take your tour, what you wear, or what kind of boat you choose, a swamp tour will offer you a truly unique, Louisiana experience. Visitors and locals alike learn and see something new on every bayou tour. And a relaxing, guided exploration of the Louisiana swampland is a perfect contrast to the busy world of the French Quarter. 

If you have any more questions about what to expect on your swamp tour, give us a call. And laissez les bons temps rouler! 

Come Airboat Riding With Your Children To Make Lifelong Memories

August 20, 2019

When you’re a parent, the search for new and fun activities for you and your children to do is never-ending. However, with the constant new events popping up all over New Orleans, it’s hard to tell what your kids would actually enjoy. The great thing about taking an airboat ride with children is it’s an exciting experience all ages and interests! Whether your child is quiet or bursting with energy, they are going to LOVE the sense of adventure Airboat Adventures gives them.


Who doesn’t love taking a joy ride every now and then? The rush of the wind against your face and hair is enough to get even adults giddy when you’re cruising down Bayou Barataria. Our airboats breeze down the bayou at just the right speed to get the adrenaline lovers giddy but not too fast for some of our more timid passengers. Truly, airboat rides are perfect for children who love a rush of excitement.

See All The Local Louisiana Wildlife

From our ancient alligators to our graceful egrets, there is absolutely no limit to how many wild animals your kids might see! Our Louisiana bayous are home to a huge population of many diverse species. Species that you won’t be able to see anywhere else in the world but in the swamplands.  It’s safe to say, your family will need to go on more than just one airboat ride to see it all.

A Change Of Pace From Playing Inside

There is so much new technology that comes out at what seems like an unending pace. And our children are the ones who connect to these gadgets more often than not. While a lot of technology is really cool and useful to our daily lives, it’s sometimes hard to disconnect. So, why not take a ride? Airboat riding with your children is a great way to allow them to disconnect with the virtual world and reconnect outside. In fact, outside play and interaction is linked to a multitude of benefits for kids. More time spent outside offers not only physical benefits but mental as well. Besides, what’s a better way to have some fun with the family than going on a new adventure?

dock alligator tours

Book An Airboat Ride With Your Children Today

Get out of the house and take your young ones on an adventure they will never forget! Book your appointment with us to begin your adventure. If you have any questions for our professionals, feel free to call us at 504-689-2005 or if you prefer, email us at Info@AirboatAdventures.com. We can’t wait to give you and your family the adventure they need. Take an adventure with your children today!

New Orleans Activities For The Whole Family

February 27, 2019

No matter where you go, no other place in the world is like the Crescent City. The food is captivating, the culture is fascinating, even the environment is breathtaking. Louisiana’s swamps are second to none and are a must-see when visiting New Orleans. But why should you choose us? When it comes to New Orleans activities, Airboat Adventures has what you need. You’ll be in for an unforgettable vacation!

What We Offer

Airboat Adventures’ Swamp Tours last for an hour and forty-five minutes at a time. These tours will not only allow you to see the flora that our swamps hold, but also the magnificent fauna. Louisiana’s swamps are home to many species that are hard to see anywhere else. Alligators, egrets, nutria, and more!

Got a big party with you? Don’t worry about it. Due to our numerous boats available, we can accommodate any size group. Of these boats, we have two sizes available. The smaller one holds up to eight people. The larger, however, can hold 15 to 30 individuals.

If you’re staying at a hotel in New Orleans, we offer pickup services! Please be ready to leave at your hotel’s entrance one hour and fifteen minutes before your tour time. We ask this of our visitors because our drivers run a rather tight ship! Being late could cause you to miss your tour time.

Have Some Concerns?

Some of you may have worries, but let us relieve some of those! All of our airboat captains are certified by the U.S. Coast Guard, so you know that you’ll be in good hands. One of the other things that turn people off of airboat tours tends to be the concern of mosquitos and other bugs. Since Louisiana has a naturally high humidity level, mosquitos tend to be everywhere. However! To combat this, we’ve done our part for our patrons. Our whirligigs, dragonflies, and other insects help keep the mosquito population down. On occasion, if the population does get larger, we will spray around the bayou. If our guests feel as if this is not enough, we do encourage the use of bug repellant.

If there are any concerns we didn’t answer, you can always contact us directly at 504-689-2005 or consult our FAQ!

Other Unforgettable New Orleans Activities

Before your tour, there’s a number of other activities New Orleans has in store. A few examples would have to be:

  • Grab a beignet to eat before or after you get on the water.
  • Visit one of the city’s famous historical landmarks.
  • Grab a drink on Bourbon Street.
  • And many, many more sights and scenes!

Although, no matter who you ask, everyone will say nothing is like riding a tour on the water.

Book A Tour Today

New Orleans activities usually include something revolving around our beloved swamps. Airboat Adventures just happen to have the best swamp tours around. That’s why you should call ahead and book a tour today. Due to such high demand, we suggest our visitors schedule a reservation ahead of time. If you have a question for us beforehand, feel free to call us or contact us directly. At Airboat Adventures, we can’t wait to take you on the ride of your life.

Learn, Laugh, and Live on New Orleans Swamp Tours

December 17, 2018

When planning a New Orleans vacation, many tour ideas can spring to your mind (and to your computer screen). Touring old homes can teach us about how people before us lived as well as architecture. Food tours are a great way to dive face-first into a different culture. There are even ghost tours for those willing to brave the Crescent City’s spooky past. But no visit to the Bayou State is complete without taking one of the New Orleans swamp tours.

Learn Something New on New Orleans Swamp Tours

So, what exactly is a swamp? How exactly is it different from a bayou or a marsh or wetlands? You hear and see these words often while mapping your trip. Many people use this words interchangeably, and the mistake is harmless. But if you really want to be a stickler, here are the primary differences.

  • Swamps are the wet, wooded lands where water remains standing for some months out of the year. Bald cypress trees are almost always there.
  • Bayous are the (very) slow-moving waterways that flow through swamps. The current is barely noticeable. But, bayous can still be mistakenly called streams or rivers.
  • Marshes can be freshwater, brackish, or saltwater. You can find them adjacent to rivers, pond, lakes, and coastlines.
  • Wetlands are the broad term for land featuring rivers, lakes, marshes, and swamps. Though it is ecologically correct, you don’t hear this term as often in Louisiana.

Meet Some True Characters

In Disney World, meeting a character involves waiting in a long line. Once you get to the front, you ask someone dressed up as Donald Duck for an autograph. On New Orleans swamp tours, meeting characters means something a bit wilder. Spot an alligator meandering through the slow-moving waters. Take in a heron or egret soaring gracefully above you. As far as mammals, nutria and raccoons might delight you with an appearance.

Laugh Your Way Along

On airboat swamp tours, you’re speeding through the swamps. You’re surrounded by beautiful, otherworldly scenery. How can that NOT elicit a laugh of joy? Another thing that might make you laugh? Your tour guides. We didn’t mention them in the paragraph above, but they are definitely characters. In some capacity, they are native creatures to the swamps too. All of them are expert airboat captains certified by the U.S. Coast Guard. They’ll guide you safely on your thrilling watery jaunt. And all the while sharing stories aplenty to entertain and educate.

New Orleans Swamp Tours, airboat adventures

Live It Up

Are you interested in this one-of-a-kind, bucket-list experience? Reach out to Airboat Adventures. Give us a call at 504-689-2005 or book online now. Did we mention we pick you up from your hotel? Since we’re handling all the logistics, a swamp tour adventure has never been more accessible. Once you’ve scheduled your visit, follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep the excitement up.  

4 Affordable New Orleans Activities in 2018

January 29, 2018

New Orleans is the perfect destination if you are traveling on a budget. Its rich culture, food, and sounds mixed with a whole lot of southern hospitality makes for an amazing time. The unique beauty of New Orleans allows for so many sights to see and things to do with little to no money. Here are four affordable New Orleans activities in 2018 that will have you and your wallet smiling. 4 Affordable New Orleans Activities in 2018

Cafe Du Monde

As one of the most popular tourist attractions, Cafe Du Monde is the essence of all things New Orleans: good food amongst rich culture and great company. Indulge yourself in some fried dough covered in delicious powdered sugar. You may also choose to wash down all that powdery goodness with some famous coffee au lait. The original french market coffee stand that was established in 1862 is still going strong today.  Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and prices as low as $10 per plate of 3 beignets, you and your stomach will not want to miss out.

Swamp Tour

It is hard not to think of a swamp when you think of New Orleans. A swamp tour is definitely one of the things you have to do while you’re in New Orleans. And the best part? A swamp tour with Airboat Adventures offers different packages according to your party size. Starting at $55 a person, our large boats can accommodate up to 27 people. Come check out 20,000 acres of exotic wildlife and alligators as long as a car with our high-energy and passionate boat captains. Once your ride is done, enjoy our air-conditioned facility, gift shop, and southern Louisiana’s only albino alligator.

Audubon Zoo

This world-renowned zoo is home to over 15,000 animals and several neat exhibits. Whether you want to take a trip through the African Savanna, dance with the flamingos, or want to see the Swamp exhibit, there is an exhibit for everyone. At only $22.95 for adults, this is a great way to get outdoors and explore exotic wildlife within the confines of New Orleans.

National World War II Museum

Ranked as one of New Orleans’s best attractions, the National World War II Museum is the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon in the city. Learn about the tribulations and triumphs of World War II in an informative and engaging way. You have the ability to see the amazing 4D cinematic experience narrated by Tom Hanks, explore Louisiana’s role in the WWII, learn more about the D-Day invasion of Normandy and more. Whether you are a history buff or are looking for an affordable way to spend your time in New Orleans, $27 per ticket gives you a lifetime of knowledge about an event that shaped the world.

Want to Learn More? Call Us!

New Orleans has repeatedly been one of the top places to visit year after year. With everything it has to offer, there is no doubt that you will have a good time at an affordable price in the big easy. If you are ready to experience alligators as big as seventeen feet, would like to see an albino alligator, or want to see Louisiana swamp creatures, Airboat Adventures is the place. Call us at 1-888-467-9267 or book a tour here.