Intense Adventure!

February 26, 2013

Airboat Adventures is a great company that deals in swamp tours! The city has great ghost tours, haunted tours, and plantation tours but out in the swamp, it’s just you, a boat and the wild! These swamp tours don’t excite your senses with preconceived notions of creatures in the dark or a murderous tale but instead put the action right in your face! Alligators growl and snap from the water, birds fly in the sky, and snakes rustle through the grass! These tours are intense!

Airboat Adventures has a great website full of information about their tours. There are customer testimonials, links to their various social media, and an awesome gallery of photos to give you a sneak peek of what to expect. One picture is of a huge alligator attacking a huge plant which illustrates the ferociousness of this king beast. The swamp is no jungle and out there the alligator is king and sits at the top of the food chain. Another picture is of a beautiful heron, showing the softer side of the swamp. These birds, along with other aviary wildlife grace the skies of this tour and make it majestic. One of the best photos is of the sunset on the water with a great moss tree in the setting. Airboat Adventures offers sunset tours and this picture really shows the greatest reason to schedule one; beauty. This scene is breathtaking and one that has to be experienced first hand.

If you get online and look at this gallery, there’s no reason not to call and schedule your tour. You’ll need simple information including what time of day you’d like to tour, and the size of your party as Airboat Adventures offers boats to fit between six to eight passengers all the way up to sixteen to eighteen passengers. And don’t feel like you have to travel to the swampland on your own, Airboat Adventures will come and get you from any downtown hotel. It’s the perfect little detour while you’re having fun in the big city to take a break and unwind. So come catch some fresh air and call them to schedule your tour today, you won’t regret it for a second and there’s so much to learn!

A Swamp Tour is a New Orleans MUST!

February 20, 2013

Coming to New Orleans everyone knows about the French Quarter, everyone knows about the parties, and everyone knows about Mardi Gras. Let’s talk about some lesser known gems so you can get to know something about New Orleans you may have not heard of.

About thirty minutes from the French Quarter lives Airboat Adventures, which offers tours through the south Louisiana bayous and swamps. You may not get tipsy, the only music you’ll hear may be the engine of the boat, but you will get to see a side of New Orleans reserved for the unsung warriors of the city. The swamp life is definitely a different type of battle, it isn’t your normal hustle, and taking a tour with Airboat Adventures can give a unique perspective of what it’s like to live on the swamp both human and otherwise.

The Swamps here in Louisiana are a world all of their own, a true piece of nature. In the swamp you definitely want to keep your hands inside the boat at all times! Coming to Airboat Adventures you’ll be touring 20,000 acres of cypress swamp, which is an entire ecosystem supporting a diverse wildlife population, some customers have even reported being able to see and hold in their own hands baby alligators!

The tours are an hour and forty-five minutes to two hours and you’ll get to see this wildlife population: alligators, snakes, turtles, and ibis. On the tour customers have even been lucky enough to see owls, bald eagles, and white-tailed deer. It’s a completely different scene than beer and sports, you won’t catch any Saints or Tigers on the swamp, but you’ll be able to witness the struggle of nature and when you’re done, you can tally the score.

Tours can accommodate various sized parties, six to eight passengers up to sixteen to eighteen passengers, and with tours given seven days a week and a flexible schedule, there’s no excuse not to call.

You can read testimonials about Airboat Adventures on their website, as well as visit active links to their Facebook and Flickr. The schedule begins at 9:45 AM and runs until 6:00 PM and for a small additional fee evening and sunset tours are available upon request. Just pick up the phone and call them toll free at (888) 467-9267.

Calming down in New Orleans

February 14, 2013

Airboat Adventures is a great getaway from the city where you can see and experience a great side of Louisiana nature. Superbowl is over and there are groups of people who are hanging out after Mardi Gras and looking for something more laid back! If this is the case, then you should check out Airboat Adventures, who offers great swamp tours through tidewater cypress swamp where you can see up close and personal a real wild side to Louisiana that is simply unforgettable.

It’s the middle of February and the weather is still nice enough outside to enjoy these tours at any time of the day. From morning to evening, the temperature is moderate enough to sit in the sun on these beautiful waters and enjoy the majesty of a sneak peek at a real live food chain.

On these two hour tours, you can see the kings of the swamp: alligators! Tour guides have been known to show babies to guests, let guests hold them, and of course you can see feedings. Feedings are exciting because you really get to see the beast.

These tours are all about safety and education and all of Airboat Adventure’s captains are trained and certified to keep all passengers out of harm’s way. The boats are equipped to handle groups sized between six and eighteen members. These varying sizes are great for any group you can bring whether you’re down with family, just a few friends, or have a large group to take on a swamp safari. Don’t forget that Airboat Adventures also provides a shuttle service and will pick you up from any downtown New Orleans hotel, for fees and restrictions visit them online or call.

Simply put, this can be an exciting experience, alligators, birds, snakes, etc. all sorts of wild creatures can be just on the shore or waiting in the water. But the rush and excitement from being that close to wildlife and the educational information provided make these trip worth every penny. When you come to New Orleans, or if you’re already here don’t miss this opportunity to answer nature’s call and take part in this awesome experience. Call or go online today to book your tour all times from morning to evening are available and certain seasonal times are available by request.