Things To Do In New Orleans

May 29, 2013

The Best Things To Do In New Orleans

For those of us that call New Orleans home, we know what’s coming. Festivals, parades, tours, and music, you name it and we’ll be there. In New Orleans it’s all about the spirit of something no matter if we’re celebrating music, food, theater, literature, or even our own flavorful history, we’re always connected in that New Orleans is our home. And here we always invite anyone and everyone to be a part of that family and welcome them when they show up with a great drink and a hot plate of food to eat. New Orleans culture is rich in art, music, food, and drinks, but what we pride ourselves on is hospitality.

The Big Events of Summer

If you’re planning a trip to New Orleans soon there’s a few great things coming up you should know about. The Vieux To Do: Cajun and Zydeco Festival is going on June 8th and 9th. This huge event brings together the Cajun-Zydeco Music Festival, the Louisiana Seafood Festival, and the Creole Tomato Festival all into one spectacular weekend of festivities. It’s a weekend to be enjoyed thoroughly as you can come and get a taste of just about everything New Orleans culture has to offer.

Take A New Orleans Swamp Tour

Outside of festivals and parades, there are more dangerous aspects to our city! Dangerous as in more fun! Airboat Adventures is a swamp tour company that lies just about thirty minutes outside of the French Quarter. You can see it now, having fun at the Cajun and Zydeco Festival and wondering as midday passes into afternoon what other fun things there are to do? Swamp tours! These alligators won’t be on aprons or coffee mugs, but in the water next to your boat just waiting for their next meal. Or you can go earlier and use the festival to calm you down and settle your nerves!

We’ll Pick You Up From The French Quarter!

Don’t forget Airboat Adventures will come and pick you up from the French Quarter, they run a shuttle service. You can always count on New Orleans being a package deal, you just got to know where to find all the prizes. And Airboat Adventures is one of the great ones. You can call or go online to figure out what your schedule can fit in, and bring your whole crew, they have boats to accommodate almost any size group. Don’t come all the way down to New Orleans and miss the chance to see a real live alligator!

New Orleans Wine & Food

May 15, 2013

As is its true fashion, New Orleans is hosting the New Orleans Wine and Food Experience May 22nd-25th 2013. This event has been going on since 1992 and thousands of wine and good lovers are expected to gather. There is confirmation from twenty two wineries and a dozen restaurants with more expected. This is an excellent opportunity for people to flock to the city and get a good taste for what New Orleans is famous for. Only the best come out for this festival, so start planning your trip to sample the greatest food and wine the city has to offer.

But once you get your fill of glorious food and delicious wine, make a call and get Airboat Adventures shuttle service to pick you up from the city and bring you to the swamp! They’ll pick you up and bring you to a place of wild adventure and give you a tour of a whole new world. This world won’t be full of fine eats or delicious wine, but you will see an entire ecosystem flourish right in front of your own eyes.

These tours take place on a full schedule all through the day. There are specialty tours on request for sunsets and the like. There are tons of opportunities to take great pictures on these tours of the beautiful cypress trees and the dangerous wildlife as they live their lives. Alligators, wild birds, rodents, and swamp bugs are all for the taking in! Airboat Adventures offers an excellent break from the city and there’s so much to learn. All of their captains are certified to ensure the safety of all passengers on their boats which can hold an array of passengers so you can schedule a tour for your whole family!

New Orleans has so much to offer from festivals to parades, and Airboat Adventures is the cherry on top! The perfect complement to fun and beauty – excitement! All you have to do is get online and check out their customer testimonials and pictures and you’ll be sold. You can also call and schedule your tour, you can get a look at their schedules and see which one fits you and your group the best. Don’t waste anymore time, make the plans and take the tour!

Spend Father’s Day in the Swamps!

May 13, 2013

Are you planning a fun filled adventure for that special Father in your life? New Orleans is a great place to do plan such an adventure. There is the fabulous French Quarter, filled with amazing architecture, fun shops, and tons of attractions. It’s a great place to plan a mild day walk to take in anything and everything the great city has to offer. But never forget what falls through the cracks and what lies on the less beaten track of New Orleans and the secret treasures Louisiana has to offer!

There is a place that has adventure in its name called Airboat Adventures. Excitement resonates from the name and adventure is the game. This company takes its guests on a crazed tour of beautiful cypress swamp filled with wonder with a pinch of danger to keep it exciting. Show Dad that the city isn’t all about buildings and give him a dose of a different kind of history that involves a real life ecosystem and gives a unique perspective of the food chain. There are creatures from the water to the land, and all the way to the sky too see and appreciate.

These tours aren’t just about danger and excitement, Airboat Adventures captains are all certified in safety and the tours they give, so you and yours can leave with a lot of education about what really happens in the big bad swamp. It’s an excellent surprise for any Father to take an awesome tour on an airboat with almost a constant breeze.

No doubt the city itself is full of shiny novelties to see, but these tours offer a more rustic sense of beauty and amazement that mom will be sure to appreciate. Why not do both? Airboat Adventures is completely willing to pick you up from the city as they lie only about thirty minutes outside of the French Quarter, they will come and shuttle you away from the shops and bring you in a short time to a completely different world to get lost in. These tours are full of beauty and memories to be made, don’t forget to go online and see some of the pictures for a sample of what you can see. And after you’re captivated by Airboat Adventures’ website, call and schedule your tour!