Independence Day Activities | Swamp Tours!

June 21, 2013

Independence Day is coming and it’s going to be a great time. New Orleans is going to be lit alive with the 23rd Annual Go Fourth on the River celebration. Independence Day is a great excuse to kick back and enjoy a day with your family. This day helps the entire American people celebrate as one family. We have cookouts, reunions, and parties to bring ourselves together and remember what freedom feels like.

Celebrations are happy times and remind us that family is not only important but a foundation to healthy living. The state of Louisiana and the city of New Orleans want to help with this coming together, by giving families a reason to get out and unify. Visitors can expect a full day of fun events, including free concerts at the Riverfront.

Another great way to celebrate freedom is to visit Airboat Adventures! Airboat Adventures is a swamp tour company that can show you the extreme meaning of free, but in the wild! You can start you day with a tour that shows an in your face perspective of the food chain, get home and cook up a quick lunch and wind down your day on the Riverfront and see amazing music and great people.

New Orleans is the essence of hospitality and independence and that can also be seen in the wildlife at Airboat Adventures. In the wild, you will see the family that exists between creatures and how they live while realizing the danger of hierarchy of predator versus prey! Airboat Adventures offers all of this in tours that last about two hours, and that two great hours is  full of fast boats and information. Airboat Adventures has incredibly trained captains that thoroughly enjoy giving these tours and making them as exciting as possible.

The Fourth of July will be here soon enough, so start planning now! Get your grills ready and your cars gassed up, the city of New Orleans has a lot in store. Between the Riverfront celebration, Airboat Adventures, and simple family gatherings this Independence Day should be the best one yet! Call Airboat Adventures or go online to get all the information you need on the Riverfront Celebration and to schedule your tour. Make this Fourth something special and something to be remembered for you and all your family.