5 Things You See on A New Orleans Swamp Tour

November 30, 2016

The holiday season is here, and now is the time to share memories with friends, family, and loved ones. If you are planning a trip to New Orleans this holiday season and want to experience nature like you’ve never experienced it before, book a New Orleans swamp tour with Airboat Adventures today!

What You’ll See On A New Orleans Swamp Tour

Airboat Adventures offers one-of-a-kind swamp tours through southern Louisiana’s most exquisite swamps and waterways, immersing guests into the wonder and beauty of this particular region. Both tourists to Louisiana and locals alike will love the fast-paced excitement of an airboat tour through 20,000 acres of tidewater cypress swamp. The perfect activity to families, parties, and groups of friends, a New Orleans swamp tour with Airboat Adventures allows you to experience Louisiana wildlife in a way that is memorable, fun, and unique. Read on to hear about 5 things you will see while on a New Orleans swamp tour with Airboat Adventures!

1. Diverse Species of Birds

While gliding through the swamps, you will have the opportunity to see countless species of birds gliding through the air and in and out of the trees above. Louisiana is home to countless types of beautiful birds, such as cranes, egrets, herons, hawks, bald eagles, and owls. Be sure to have your camera ready so you can capture these exquisite birds in action.

2. Draping Canopies of Trees

When most people picture Southern Louisiana and the swamps, they picture cypress trees dripping in Spanish moss and a lush thicket of trees hanging over the water. Get ready for the magazines and pictures to come to life when you embark on an airboat tour with Airboat Adventures! You will be exposed to scenic trees framing the waterways and classic Louisiana cypress trees and cypress knees popping out of the water. During your 1 hour and 45 minute tour you will be cruising through tupelo gum trees, moss-draped cypress trees, and tons of beautiful plant life. This dynamic ecosystem supports many types of aquatic and moist-soil vegetation.

3. Swamps, Marshes, and Lots of Water

It may not come as a surprise that you will be seeing a lot of water while on a tour of the Louisiana swamps. Our Airboat Adventures tour guides are extremely knowledgeable about the bayous and swamps, and are incredibly passionate about what they do. Our tours our highly informational, for our tour guides will be happy to share facts and interesting information about the swamps during the ride. You can learn a thing a two while out enjoying a beautiful day on the water!

4. Unique Wildlife

In addition to the birds you will see on this swamp tour, you will have the chance to see tons of other unique critters that occupy this region. Look into the water or maybe on a log and you will see turtles bustling about. The swamps are home to several species of snakes, too, which you may see lurking in the trees or even swimming in the water. It wouldn’t be Louisiana if it weren’t for our iconic alligators; you may see some alligators while on the tour! If it is sunny and the temperatures are in the high 60’s, alligators will come out on the logs to sun.

5. Picturesque Natural Scenery

You can choose to book your swamp tour in the morning, during the day, or during the evening with our romantic sunset tour. Regardless of which time you decide to book, the stunning swamps will provide you with picturesque scenery and wildlife at every turn. From the swamp’s incredible wildlife to the diverse flora and fauna that can be found, you won’t know where to look.

Book Your New Orleans Swamp Tour Today

Looking for family-friendly fun this holiday season in the Big Easy? Look no further than a New Orleans swamp tour with Airboat Adventures! Contact our friendly team today to find out about our boat sizes and hotel pickup options. We look forward to seeing you!

Experience Our World-Class Airboat Rides in New Orleans with Airboat Adventures

November 15, 2016

When tourists come to the great city of New Orleans, they’ve got many options on what to do. New Orleans is not a one-dimensional city; it has music, food, sporting events, museums, and much more. When coming to New Orleans, many settle on the basic tourist attractions and miss out on some of the best things the city has to offer. For those looking for an out of the box and fun activity, they should check out airboat rides in New Orleans with Airboat Adventures! This activity in New Orleans gives guests the opportunity to see a beautiful natural setting, right outside the heart of the big city.

A Little Bit About Our Airboat Rides in New Orleans

Tour group enjoying Louisiana's swamps with Airboat Adventures.
At Airboat Adventures, guests that choose to enjoy the best airboat rides in New Orleans find an attraction and an experience that they won’t soon forget. Located in Lafitte, LA, guests travel along a nice trip 30 miles or about 45 minutes south of the heart of the city of New Orleans. For those on vacation staying in New Orleans, the may request the shuttle bus to pick them up directly from their hotel about an hour before the start of their adventure to bring them to their tour. Luckily for guests, there is never a bad time of year to enjoy an airboat ride in New Orleans. The varying seasons give guests great, but different types of experiences. The most popular times of the year are April and late October to early November.

Winter Swamp Tours

One great aspect of visiting in the winter is that unlike the tall summer grass, the grass is short and low allowing guests to see a higher ratio of the Louisiana famous nutria and deer. Furthermore, as the weather is warmer down south, migratory birds have come to enjoy the warmer climate. Those wishing to see alligators may see them any time throughout the year but have the best odds to see an alligator in their airboat rides in New Orleans during the summer. This is due to the nature of the alligator being much more dormant when temperatures fall below 70 degrees.

How and When to Enjoy Airboat Rides in New Orleans

airboat swamp tours in new orleans
Going in different seasons gives a different airboat ride experience, but so does going at different times of the day. Boat tours launch at 9:45AM, 12PM, 2PM, and seasonally at 4PM and 6PM. Some fans prefer the early morning tours and the late evening tours because many claim that they are prettier times of the day due to their warmer tones of light. These tones may give visitors a chance to utilize their photography skills. The wintertime and spring tours generally have temperatures ranging from 30 degrees to 75 degrees, but the colder temperatures are a generally rare occurrence. The sunnier days, when the temperatures reach even the low 60’s the alligators will come out to rest on the logs along the riverbanks. Rest assured, those who enjoy airboat rides in New Orleans will never leave disappointed due to the incredible nature around them. The refreshing and smooth air allow for an experience, away from the city, that all can enjoy.

The Best Airboat Rides in New Orleans

Exciting airboat ride through New Orleans's swamps with Airboat Adventures.
What separates Airboat Adventures from other airboat rides in New Orleans, are the Airboat Adventures guides. The guides are local Louisiana boys who have been enjoying the windy and complex Louisiana waterways from a very young age. They enjoy their time out on the water and want you to feel the same sense of home they do when out exploring the wilderness. They are all expert fishers and boaters. This is in addition to their vast knowledge of the plans and animals seen along the swamp tour. Those wishing to experience this may visit the for advanced directions to the location in Lafitte. Those who wish to book a tour, ask further questions, or get directional help may contact Airboat Adventures at 1-888-467-9267. Book your airboat rides in New Orleans today!