Swamp Tours, Oktoberfest and more in New Orleans!

August 14, 2013

There are always tons of reasons to come on out to old New Orleans and visit. From festivals, to parties, to football, and we always know how to throw a party from booze to food we take good care of the people who come down here. October is coming fast and there are literally TONS of stuff going on! There is absolutely no excuse not to plan a trip for the October season of events to the most awesome city in the world. We invite you to join in on the fun, the food, and the memories so you can be a part of our family and we yours.
We start with Oktoberfest which is the last weekend of September and every weekend during October. New Orleans humbly invites you to get a taste of Germany in the heart of the city at the Duetsches Haus in Mid City. This festival will give visitors a little facet of German culture through live music, traditional folk dancing, an endless supply of ice cold beer, German wines and liquors, a colorful parade, and of course genuine authentic German cuisine.

Some of these festive delights will include:
Sauerbraten (braised marinated roast beef)
Krautwickel (ground beed stuffing rolled in cabbage)
Kasseler Rippchen (smoked pork shank braised in a citrus sauce)

And there is so much more!

Luckily for you, this is happening every weekend in October, which gives you plenty of time to check out some of the other great stops in the area. Just thirty minutes outside of the French Quarter lies Airboat Adventures. Start your day off on the swamp, living through the food chain and catching alligators, birds, beautiful trees. This is a unique opportunity to see an entire ecosystem breathe, not something you get to catch in the hustle of the city. But you start out with Airboat Adventures, bring your family and have a great day, finish off trailing through Oktoberfest and have some great beer stories to tell!

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