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    review rating 5  Great experience from Stacy picking us up on time and providing history on our ride. To the tour guide on the boat. He was very caring and accommodating to give people a great experience. The only thing I would have liked is going down the narrower canals..but that's not a criticism of the tour...it is perhaps because we chose to do the covered boat vs. the airboat which may have been able to go deeper. Just something you might want to consider when you chose your vehicle to tour in.

    thumb Lorraine Skibitcky

    review rating 5  Highly recommend- whether you can understand your boat captain or not (they have very authentic and medium-thick Cajun accents which only aided to the awesome experience), it was AWESOME. They teach you a lot about what the ecosystem is like, some pop culture that revolves around the areas they take you, and you see tons of wildlife and friendly neighbors along your route! Recommend for everyone of all ages. Even got to hold a baby gator!

    thumb Brittany Parker

    review rating 5  Amazing. We did a semi private tour. Our Captain was great. Told us about culture and nature. Saw many gators, even one that tried to get into the boat. Got to hold and kiss a baby gator. Answered all of our questions. Really showed passion for his job.

    thumb A Google User

    review rating 5  Loved loved loved our tour. I came to NOLA for a bachelorette party and this tour was the best part of the whole trip. Our captain was very knowledgeable of the swamp and the area. You could definitely tell he grew up in the area. We had a blast. Definitely recommend this place!

    thumb Valerie Gonzales

    review rating 5  We had Captain Cory and let me tell you, he was AMAZING! We had such a great experience, from his hilarious story telling to the way he made all the information about alligators actually interesting, you could tell he was really passionate about what he was doing. We saw 3 gators in the first few minutes and he even got them to come right up to the boat! He had super cool places to stop where we saw different things every time, whether it was a baby alligator or an ospreys nest. The price is totally worth it, I would definitely go again!

    thumb Ashley Abbonizio

    review rating 5  My wife and I have been out of the country to the Bahamas, Jamaica, and Cancun. We’ve done all sorts of excursions in all kinds of different places, but this is one of the coolest things we’ve done. Our boat captain was Steve. He was very nice, funny, and gave us a great thrilling ride. This is something we would definitely do again! Thanks guys!

    thumb Anthony Rogers

    review rating 5  Loved, loved, loved this experience! Sugar, the albino alligator, has 2 pupils. Check her out! They try to capture them because they can't camouflage so they don't live long in the wild. Our captain was great and knew just where to take us. The water showers were refreshing, just don't wear anything you don't want to get wet. You'll dry before you get back to the dock. We got to meet Al the alligator! A 1yo alligator they are raising until it's safe to put him back into the wild. Take lots of pics & videos, but please keep you hands inside the boat!

    thumb Missy Fraser

    review rating 5  A fantastic trip. Our guide Steve could not have done a better job. I would highly recommend the small boat as it is a much more personal experience. The price may seem steep but it is well worth it, especially if you have never done something like this before. Lots of gators!

    thumb Scott MacDonald

    review rating 5  Call them right now, and book your boat. This was easily the best part of our 9 day trip from Minnesota to NOLA and back. Go with the small boat option sliding through narrow passages on an airboat is my new favorite activity. Guide had us feeding alligators and learning to appreciate how delicate the bayou really is. I would rate this 10 out of 5 stars.

    thumb Justin Tank

    review rating 5  It was a lot of fun. We were traveling through town on our way to a cruise ship. This was perfect for my teenagers. They loved the speed of the boat and we even got wet because our guide, Danny was maneuvering the boat so that water would purposely splash inside, which was fun and it cooled us off. We saw too many gators to count. So glad I was able to give my family this once in a life time experience as we live in the west coast and have never done anything like this before and will most likely never have the opportunity again.

    thumb Angel Woods

    review rating 5  Awesome, awesome, awesome. Captain Jordan was amazing-ask for him, if you can. Super informative and we saw so many gators. Did not feel rushed, definitely got our money's worth. Upgrading to the smaller boat was a great choice. I highly recommend this tour.

    thumb Natalie

    review rating 5  Paul was absolutely amazing! The private airboat tour was hands down THE best part of our girl's trip! We were so excited about seeing the alligators up close and personal and the ride itself was thrilling! Thank you Paul! Definitely go on the private boat if possible. It was better than the huge boats packed with hot grumpy people.

    thumb Phoebe Adams

    review rating 5  This was the centerpiece of our time in NOLA. Awesome guide who really knew the area and gave us great insight into the history of the Lafitte bayou and the surrounding areas. He even brought a baby gator on board so we could pet him which was a first for us. Awesome experience for the whole family. Just make sure to bring sunscreen or become a roast chicken...

    thumb Nick Barbosa

    review rating 5  This was an amazing experience!! I fully went into this expecting it to be fun, but I had no idea how much I'd love it. Our tour guide /captain was Alan...who is freakin hilarious, and really made the tour...also incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. Definitely (!!!) do the 6-man boat...it's such a better experience (yea it's a little bit more $$, and sells out faster, but WAY worth it) than the big boat. I don't know if you can request a specific guide, but if you can definitely ask for Alan. Maybe they're all good, I don't know, but I just CAN'T imagine any of the other guys being as great and authentic this guy was. Thank you!!

    thumb David White

    review rating 5  We had a great time doing the small airboat tour. Our guide T Earl was awesome. Some of the complaints about not seeing enough alligators are ignorant. It's a swamp. They don't phone ahead and have the gators standing by. 😊 Would highly recommend doing this experience if you are in the area and weather works out for you.

    thumb Joe Audet

    review rating 5  This was amazing. I was a little dubious about spending so much on this but it was worth every cent. We got picked up in New Orleans and taken out to the adventure which took about 30 minutes. The bus driver wasn't the best on the way out, he seemed quite confused about who he was picking up where and gave us incorrect information about how to get back but it was fine in the end. The tour itself was genuinely fantastic. Our boat driver was knowledgeable and funny. We saw loads of alligators and got to hold a baby one. A once in a lifetime experience for a Brit like me! So glad we did it. My only advice is wear more suncream than my friend did... It gets hot out there and the wind will deceive you!

    thumb Siobhan Aldridge

    review rating 5  Suggest going on the 6 person air boat. $75 a person. Great guide. Fun adventure. Beautiful sites. Got to see some alligators. I didn't expect much going into it and was surprised how much fun I had. Would recommend and would go again!

    thumb Allison Young

    review rating 5  Amazing experience. The private boats seem to allow drinking while the regular airboats do not? (Saw people carrying cases of beer onto the private boats). Thankfully they provide sound cancelling headphones because of the motor. The speeds are awesome and our pilot was even drifting sideways which was pretty intense. Not as many gator sightings as the swamp tour in Laplace.

    thumb MrAsherDeist

    review rating 5  My friend and I visited NoLa and this was by far my favorite activity- and we did some pretty fun things! Our guide was hilarious and very knowledgeable- I forgot his name though. We saw about 20 alligators- but it’s important to note that we saw so many because of the weather- it was a cool 72 and we went in the morning. If you go when it’s too hot or cold you may not see any gators. I would say go in the morning if you go spring/ summer or afternoon in the winter/ fall (but I’m no expert). Lastly, we went on the 20 person boat- we thought maybe it wouldn’t be crowded but it wasn’t at all and it was a great size!

    thumb Mandy Blair

    review rating 5  A-ma-zing. Our tour guide was Alan, who was sarcastically funny and knowledgeable, on the small boat tour. Speed of the boat was awesome I would recommend taking a sweatshirt. Even in the 70° weather with a long sleeved shirt my teeth were chattering going fast on the open water. Lots of gators, turtles and fish to see. This was my favorite part of our 4 day NOLA trip.

    thumb LC Rice

    review rating 5  Captain Sam was great! A really nice guy and knew a lot about the swamp, the area and the critters. He even kissed a gator (with the required for my 7 year old 'don't do this at home' statement). Would recommend this tour to to anyone!

    thumb Manda Watkins

    review rating 5  A great way to have fun if you like water, swamps, and/or alligators. I really enjoyed riding on an airboat into the swamp as it is both unique and exciting. The landscape of the swamp was very pretty and there were many alligators to be seen. My boat operator/guide was also very friendly and informative. The tour was also just the right amount of time; not too short nor too long. I'd highly recommend this attraction!

    thumb Kieran Huffman

    review rating 5  Me and my fiance were celebrating our recent engagement in New Orleans right before Christmas this year. I spoke with Brittany about the tour and she took excellent care of us. She booked us the tour on the day with the best weather and the type of boat we wanted. When we got their we walked right out and got on our boat. The boats were new and in great condition. Even tho it wasn't the best time of year we saw over 15 gators and all types of wildlife. The captain was very knowledgeable about the swamp and you could tell his heart was in the bayou. I would highly recommend this tour over the other companies out there! Thank you for a wonderful experience, we will be back in the summer time for sure!

    thumb Douglas Robinson

    review rating 5  My wife and I were very satisfied with our Airboat tour. We saw way more gators then we were expecting along with lots of other wild life. Our guide was very knowledgeable and personable making the tour a lot of fun. Tour was about an hour and a half. The company offered a free shuttle service from our hotel which we found very convenient. Would definitely recommend paying extra for the smaller boats, they were able to get into tighter spaces and you can interact more with the guides.

    thumb Timothy Ryan