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March 30, 2015

Everyone who’s anyone knows that New Orleans, Louisiana is a great place for almost any occasion, part, or social gathering. And why wouldn’t it be? There are shops and bars as well as soul-food filled restaurants, nightclubs, and a rowdy population that would make any visitor brim with excitement for a night out on the town. But that’s not to say that there isn’t any fun for those who aren’t so into the hustle of some New Orleans landmarks. The rowdy crowds, the slow traffic, and not to mention the crazy nightlife of New Orleans attractions can be extremely overwhelming, especially if you’re not used to it. Though shopping and eating are wonderful, sometimes it’s better to simply look at your surrounding area. Perhaps see a little nature, like a tour. Well thankfully for you more tame visitors or residents of New Orleans, Airboat Adventures has just the right New Orleans attraction for you; a high speed airboat ride on their Alligator Tours!


The New Orleans attraction Airboat Adventures’ alligator tours come in a variety of packages for you to decide on based on your party. And if you’re having trouble, Airboat Adventures’ friendly staff can help accommodate any size party you’d like. Airboat Adventures have several tours that leave on a daily basis so choosing the time that is best for you and your party can be quick and hassle free. Airboat Adventure Alligator Tours are approximately one hour and forty five minutes, or up to two whole hours where you’ll get the opportunity to see not only alligators, but also the snakes, turtles, egrets, herons, and sometimes ibis that are a natural part of Louisiana’s ecosystem. If you’re especially lucky, you may get to also see hawks, owls, or the bald eagle every American loves and adores. And though you will be seeing a lot of beautiful animals, you won’t have to worry about seeing the animals (or rather, bugs) you don’t want, like mosquitoes. Using insect repellant about once a year, Airboat Adventures near New Orleans will tell you that it seems like the whirligigs, dragonflies, and other predaceous insects do a great job of keeping the mosquito population down while keeping your alligator tour fun. Even the tour guides are well educated on their jobs; each of them began hunting and fishing at an early age, and each of them have a deep love and appreciation of the New Orleans habitat. In fact, all of the Airboat Adventure alligator tour guides are airboat captains certified by the U.S. Coast Guard.

An Adventure Worth the Wilderness

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Airboat Adventures is a family friendly New Orleans attraction through the South Louisiana bayous and swamps. They are located less than 30 minutes away from the French Quarter and open up to 7 days a week. If you don’t have your own transportation, Airboat Adventures themselves can pick up riders from any of the downtown New Orleans hotels! New Orleans attraction Airboat Adventures offers a break from bawdy Bourbon Street and an exciting alternative to other alligator tours you may come across in or around New Orleans. Their website has tons of pictures in their tour gallery as well as frequently asked questions answered to help you understand just what fun you’re getting into. Still cautious? Check out Airboat Adventures’ positive testimonials from other happy customers to calm your nerves for the swamp tour of a life time! So what are you waiting for? If you’re looking for a great time and some awesome wildlife, call or visit New Orleans attraction Airboat Adventures near New Orleans, Louisiana today!

Reasons to check out a New Orleans wildlife tour

March 10, 2015

Come join our outgoing captains on a high speed Airboat Ride. Airboat Adventures offers personal swamp wildlife tours through the South Louisiana Bayous and Swamps. It’s a dynamic ecosystem supporting many types of aquatic and moist-soil vegetation, as well as a diverse wildlife population. During your 1 hour 45 minute to 2 hour wildlife tour you’ll have opportunities to see alligators, snakes, turtles, egrets, herons and ibis, and we sometimes see hawks, owls and bald eagles. New Orleans’ most popular Airboat Swamp Tour has many packages to choose from. Just call our friendly staff and they can accommodate any size party.

Our Dedicated Staff and Crew

All of our guides are expert airboat captains Certified by the U.S. Coast Guard. They were all born and raised in Louisiana with a love for the swamp and everything you can do in it. They are sure to show you a good time and Airboat Adventures wants you to remember it’s not just a wildlife tour… it’s an adventure!

An Adventure Worth While

For about two hours you and your family can have the time of your lives on one of our New Orleans wildlife tours through the flourishing swamplands surrounding the city of New Orleans. See all the different wildlife these great swamps have to offer such as alligators, a variety of bird species from hawks to bald eagles, wild white-tailed deer and much more. As one of New Orleans’ many grand attractions we can’t and wont disappoint. Our several high-speed airboats are like no other near New Orleans, we can accommodate up to 27 passengers at any time. You are able to get a first hand look at the vast amount cypress trees and curving waterways. New Orleans has a lot to offer no matter if you’re just visiting for the weekend or planning to start a life here. With amazing hotels downtown, there is no place like the French Quarters during Mardi Gras where people come from all around the world to experience an exciting tradition that started in 1837.

high-speed airboat swamp tour

We know convenience is everything, that’s why we offer hotel pick-up only 30 minutes away from downtown New Orleans to transport you and your family to your Airboat Swamp Tour. New Orleans Airboat Adventures will do everything in our power to make your group travel efficient and stress free as possible. We offer morning wildlife tours as well as afternoon and late afternoon wildlife tours for those of you who understandably stayed out late in the city’s electrifying nightlife.

There isn’t a bad time of year to book a New Orleans wildlife tour but our favorite times are April, late October and early November. Winter can be a great time because the summer’s seasonal grass gets as high as six feet tall but is only inches high during the winter. You would get a chance to see more deer, and the migratory birds such as waterfowl and bald eagles, which will have arrived by then.

Tour Louisiana Swamps

New Orleans is one of the most historically picturesque and culturally defined cities in America. From its amazing jazz music heard through out the streets to the exquisite dining experienced by millions every year. During your trip to New Orleans you should visit Airboat Adventures and experience a side of Louisiana not many have had the pleasure of knowing. Start your adventure today and contact us at Airboat Adventures or call (504) 689-2005 for more information.