Swamp Tours and New Orleans

July 8, 2013

Hurricane Season starts June 1st and runs through November 30th.  Don’t let this stop you from visiting New Orleans or its fantastic attractions, as hurricanes don’t actually happen that often. New Orleans is well prepared for Hurricane Season and they have many wonderful events going on throughout the year. Pretty much, anytime of the year, is a great time to visit and play in New Orleans!

If you are from New Orleans, the surrounding areas, or visiting from afar, make sure you check out Airboat Adventures Swamp Tours. They are open 7 days a week.  Of course they monitor the weather and all tours are subject to cancellation in dangerous weather, but they do this for your safety.

It is always important to know what’s going on and when in New Orleans.  The atmosphere can change dramatically depending on current festivals, conventions and of course the weather.  July and August, which fall in Hurricane Season, are usually the hottest and also the muggiest.  If you come to town during this time period, keep in mind that Airboat Adventures has evening tours so you won’t be as bothered by the heat and humidity.

July and August are also good times for hotel bargains way below their regular rates. and keep in mind that Airboat Adventures picks up from most of the hotels in New Orleans. If you stay at one they don’t pick up from, you surely are not more than a few blocks away from one they do!  You just have to make sure you mention this when booking your tour.

There truly is nothing like the experience of seeing Louisiana Swamp Land, up close and personal.  You surely will go home with more than one story of what you were shown and what you learned.  Even if you are from Louisiana, the Captains that guide you through the swamp will most likely educate you on something you did not know.

A Swamp Tour is a grand adventure for a family outing.  Kids are out of school and getting restless in the house.  The backyard is just not enough to contain them anymore.  Book a swamp tour today allow the Captains to amaze your children and introduce them to a part of their hometown, they may not have been familiar with.

The main point is, even through Hurricane Season, New Orleans keeps moving.  They cannot stop because of the possibility of bad weather!  Get on down to New Orleans, and when you do, be sure to book a tour with Airboat Adventures!