French Quarter Festivities

March 18, 2024

Festival Season is in Full Swing

Springtime in New Orleans is the best time of the year because it’s festival season! New Orleans has a ton of great festivals in the spring because we are a city that celebrates anything and everything. Today, we are here to highlight French Quarter Fest- a yearly celebration that transforms the famous French Quarter into a party that features yummy food, great music, and all-around good vibes. Falling on April 11-14 this year, it would be wise to get over to New Orleans and experience the festivities and famous spots in the French Quarter. So, when you’re not on a New Orleans airboat tour, head onto the French Quarter Fest.

Streetcar Downtown New Orleans

History Lesson

The French Quarter is rich in history and culture: The origin of the Quarter dates back to the 1750s when the French still had major occupation in New Orleans. Located on the banks of the Mississippi River, the French Quarter has been a hub for trade and cultural exchange. Before New Orleans was the famous Crescent City, the French Quarter was all that existed of New Orleans, but as the city erupted, due to its proximity and access to the Mississippi, The French Quarter grew with it. Now, the famous (or infamous) French Quarter has turned into a tourist attraction and serves as an economic engine for the city of New Orleans. People flock to experience an unforgettable night on Bourbon Street or enjoy live music from some of the best New Orleans bands on Frenchmen Street, or to visit the local vendors who sell curious trinkets and New Orleans souvenirs. Either way, the French Quarter is and will always be an integral part of New Orleanian life and culture.

About French Quarter Fest

French Quarter Fest was first produced in 1984 as a way to bring residents of New Orleans back into the Quarter. The festival is also a way for New Orleanians to connect with the history and culture of their great city. French Quarter Fest has a significant economic impact on the city of New Orleans raising over $15 million in tax revenue for state and local governments. Moreover, French Quarter Fest helps out the community by employing more than 1,700 local musicians and 60 local restaurants. French Quarter Fest also only employs local companies during the festival so the dedication to give back to the city is present in all aspects of this fun-filled festival.

What To Eat at French Quarter Fest

With over 60 local vendors at French Quarter Fest, you are guaranteed to find good food. Unleash your inner foodie and eat as much as you can at this once-in-a-lifetime gastronomic experience. From Classic Cajun to Creole-fusion to sweet treats, French Quarter Fest has you covered; and we do too! Here are some of our New Orleans favorites that are making an appearance at French Quarter Fest.


It’s no surprise that New Orleans has some of the best food in the world. Due to the city being a melting pot of French, Spanish, African, and Caribbean influences, the food here is like no other. One of the famous restaurants in the French Quarter is Galatoire’s located right on Bourbon Street! Founded in 1905 by Jean Galatoire, Galatoire’s boasts some of the best French-style cuisine in all of New Orleans. With a menu that includes all types of food with Creole influences, Galatoire’s should be at the top of your culinary itinerary when visiting New Orleans. Our personal recommendation is to start with the Soufflé Potatoes (with a side of béarnaise sauce), then the Duck and Andouille Gumbo. Once that’s done, move on to your main dish; we recommend the Filet Mignon (also with béarnaise on the side), order a side of the Asparagus Hollandaise to accompany the steak; and finally, end with key lime tart.


Broussard’s is another New Orleans classic restaurant that will be serving at French Quarter Fest! They opened their doors in 1920 and have been providing delicious French-Creole cuisine to New Orleanians for decades (you may notice a French-Creole theme when it comes to food in New Orleans). Broussard’s menu has it all, seafood, poultry, meat, soup, salad, whatever you want, Broussard’s has you covered. If we were to give you a recommendation, it would be to start with Oysters Broussard or the Brussels sprouts, get the pan-seared duck or the New Orleans barbecued shrimp for your main dish, and end with Banana Foster for dessert.

Crabby Jack’s

Crabby Jack’s is a famous New Orleans po’boy spot. While they are located a bit out of the way from the New Orleans tourist spots, they are not to be forgotten. The good news is, that they are bringing their Cajun goodness all the way to the French Quarter for French Quarter Fest! Just make sure you get there early to beat the long line that they will surely have. Hopefully, they bring back the Slow-Roasted duck po’boy this year because it is a must-try.

Tujague’s Restaurant

Tujague’s is one of New Orleans’s oldest Cajun restaurants. Founded in 1856, it stands as a historical landmark that also happens to serve the best Cajun food. Tujague’s stepped into the spotlight during the late 1850s when New Orleans was experiencing an economic boom. Guillaume and Marie Tujague, from Bordeaux, France, took advantage of New Orleans’ prosperous atmosphere by creating Tujague’s, which was originally a butchery. Now it is one of the most famous New Orleans restaurants and serves as a traditional and historic staple when it comes to cuisine in the Big Easy.

Plum Street Snowballs

Sweetening things up a bit is Plum Street Snowballs! Located in uptown New Orleans, Plum Street Snowballs is packing up and heading to French Quarter Fest to provide festival goers with sweet and refreshing shaved ice so they can beat the swamp heat (and swamp heat is no joke, so keep them on your radar).

Bao Mi

Pivoting from the French-Creole culinary theme of French Quarter Fest is Bao Mi, a delicious Vietnamese fusion restaurant that is attending French Quarter Fest. People constantly rave about the fried chicken Banh Mi that they offer and the uniquely delicious Bulgogi fries.


Jacques-Imo’s is a quirky hot spot that specializes in Creole soul food. The fancier older sister of Crabby Jack’s, Jacques-Imo’s serves the best Creole soul food in the city. If Crabby Jacks is where you go on a first date, then Jacques-Imo’s is where you go for your 20th anniversary. With authentically delicious Creole soul food and a lively atmosphere, Jacques-Imo’s is the place to be, and they will be at French Quarter Fest, so hustle down to New Orleans so you can try one of their famous (and life-changing) fried green tomatoes.

Cochon King BBQ

Cochon King BBQ is a newcomer to the New Orleans culinary scene, but that does not mean they do not know what they are doing. Serving the most perfectly smoked barbecued meats, Cochon has earned their keep in the New Orleans food world, and you guessed it, they will be at French Quarter Fest. So, make sure you check them out when you come down!

Hungry Yet?

If you aren’t hungry by the end of reading this blog, we failed. But seriously, French Quarter Fest is an unforgettable and yummy experience that you ought to attend. Between the diverse variety of food vendors (This simple list does not even begin to cover everyone who will be serving their deliciousness at French Quarter Fest) and the lively musicians that will serenade you as you stuff your face with the best food New Orleans has to offer, French Quarter Fest offers you a quintessential New Orleans experience; and, if you don’t want to come after all that, then you might be the problem. So, if you like fun, food, music, and history all wrapped up in a nice little bow and served to you on a silver platter, then make your way down the Mississippi to New Orleans for French Quarter Fest!

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