The Alligator…..

October 19, 2012

Airboat Adventures is a swamp tour company in Lafitte, Louisiana. They’re about thirty minutes outside of New Orleans and offer swamp tours exploring swamp life. Each tour is approximately an hour and a half to two hours and exposes tourists to exciting opportunities and unique experiences. One of the fiercest predators on the tour is the mighty alligator which are found in the Southeast United States in all of Florida and Louisiana. This mighty animal has a ferocious bite and can hide beneath the water just waiting to strike on unsuspecting prey.

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The American Alligator in Louisiana

These animals can be huge, the average American alligator’s adult length and height are thirteen feet long and eight hundred pounds respectively. The largest American alligator was found in Louisiana and measures over nineteen feet in length. There is no average lifespan for an alligator, in 1937 a one year old alligator was brought to a zoo in Serbia from Germany and it is now 76 years old. Go on one of these tours and take a chance to see a creature that is older than you are! The American alligators have the most powerful bite force ever measured, snapping their jaws with a massive force of up to 2,125 pounds, which equivalent to a mid-size sedan falling on top of you.

Alligators & Their Environments

Alligators live in freshwater environments, such as ponds, marshes, wetlands, river, lakes, and swamps. Down here we have plenty of those environments, and these areas are among those featured in Airboat Adventures swamp tours. The foods eaten by alligators depend on their age and size. When young, they can eat fish and insects, and as they mature progressively larger prey is taken including various mammals. The mating season of these animals is in late spring, and females build the nests in summer. The sex of the clutch is determined by the temperature of the nest. On an Airboat Adventures alligator tour in New Orleans, you will see alligators fed and interacted with by the guides.

See Them Up Close On An Alligator Tour in New Orleans

These amazing creatures are both to be respected and feared especially in their natural habitat. Airboat Adventures offers you an up close and personal look at these creatures and what they’re capable of on an alligator tour in New Orleans. It’s been said sometimes you have the opportunity to hold babies! Alligators have a rich history, and information is definitely a part of these tours as well. Call and schedule your tour today, it’s an experience you’ll never forget.

Sports Time

October 12, 2012

We all love football in the city of New Orleans. Some of us live our entire lives around Saints football. This season isn’t going quite the way we planned, which is why we have backup plans! I know tourists and natives alike flock to the French Quarter for the bar scene and sports parties but what happens when the games are late, or over early? Airboat Adventures is roughly thirty minutes outside of the French Quarter and offer a great escape from the hustle of the city party life. They offer swamp tours which is especially great if you enjoy outdoors and learning something new every day.

Plan your pre-sports get together with Airboat Adventures and see what they have to offer. They are willing to pick you up within the French Quarter so you don’t even have to drive yourself. While you’re on the boat you can call Oceana Grill and plan an after party with great drinks and food. There’s so much to do in the city and Airboat Adventures seeks to amaze you with an environment that’s a little simpler.

On many levels this ecosystem is more dangerous, but the confusion of traffic and businesses are absent on these waters where alligators and other predators reign. They offer a full schedule of tours times throughout the day and special schedules are available. Airboat Adventures has different size boats to accommodate all types of groups. Just you and your friends? They got it! Family reunion? They got it! And safety is their number one concern, every one of their captains is certified and trained to keep you safe and deal with the wildlife you’ll experience.

Whether you’re here for Saints or alligators the city of New Orleans has you covered. The best part of Airboat Adventures boat tours is the knowledge you can obtain. It isn’t just about scenery to them, they explain things and let you have experiences others don’t. On these tours you have the opportunity to hold baby alligators, and see tons of life you may have only seen in pictures in books. There is plenty of opportunities to get both football and a swamp tour, so why not enjoy as much of the city you can?  Call today and schedule your tour, you won’t regret it.


October 5, 2012

Airboat Adventures offers great, affordable swamp tours just thirty minutes outside of the French Quarter. These tours are full of great knowledge and offer experiences like no other. There’s ton of wildlife to see on the swamp, not to mention the rough lifestyle of people that live on the swamp. On these tours, you get to see everything as it is, nature at some of its roughest points: real alligators, real prey, and real up close and personal perspective. If you visit their website Airboat Adventures has tons of customer testimonials that give a more personal look into what others have experienced and what you yourself can expect.

The swamp is a dangerous place, but make no mistake, safety is their utmost concern. One customer comments on how Captain Earl actually jumped into the water to feed alligators! This customer goes on to say that they fed them chicken and marshmallows and that on the tour a bit of history goes with it. Some customers’ report how captains pull smaller alligators into the boat and let passengers pet them, even hold them.

A lot of customers seem to choose to be picked up from their hotels, a service which Airboat Adventures offers for a small fee. Everyone who mentions this service talks about how “worth it” being both picked up and given the tour are. Most are amazed at the wildlife and the experience of letting loose and getting away from the big city for a change. Most of the testimonials on the website mention smaller groups and using the boat for six to eight passengers. They claim that this makes it easier to see everything around you during the tour and offers an overall better experience. A testimonial from August of this year talks about the customer’s five year old having the time of their life, meaning that the tours are completely a family affair and that everyone is invited.
Airboat Adventures offers the best experience the swamp has to offer. Thirty minutes outside of the French Quarter, it’s an excellent escape from the bustle of the city. There’s no excuse not to call them up and schedule your tour. All of the testimonials on their website are words spoken from customers to you! These are great tours offered by great and knowledgeable people all year round, so come see them today!