A Ride on the Wide Side in New Orleans – Swamp Tours

July 17, 2013

If there’s one thing New Orleans does well, it’s party. Parties for New Orleans aren’t always about lots of drinks and pretty lights, we celebrate everything: our music, our food, and our people. The first weekend of August is fast approaching and the city has one festival coming up you won’t want to miss. The Satchmo SummerFest has been going on since 2001 and has grown into a huge three day event every year. This event is sponsored by French Quarter Festivals, Inc., and will take place on the grounds of the Old U.S. Mint, located between the French Market and Esplanade Avenue.

Satchmo SummerFest pays tribute to Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong and is completely free and open to the public. There will be seminars, lectures, and a great musical lineup. Outdoor events will include live bands on several stages while great examples of New Orleans’ culinary heritage is also displayed and various dishes will be offered for sale.

Think about listening to Satchmo’s music, sitting on a porch looking out at cypress trees, moss hanging over a horizon reflected by glorious swamp waters capturing the light of a setting sun. About thirty minutes outside of the French Quarter, Airboat Adventures offers you that image. Airboat Adventures is a swamp tour company that will take you into the mystery that surrounds those cypress trees and will help you hear and understand the secrets that hang in all that moss. These tours are beautiful, you can check out their website and get great client testimonials and take a look at their entire online photo album. If you call you can get a feel for the scheduling Airboat Adventures has available and see how you can spend that weekend bathing in an amazing music celebration and combining it with the excitement of exploring something less familiar.

The best part of planning to combine festival celebrations in the French Quarter and feeding your wild side with the mystery of the swamp is that Airboat Adventures will come and get you! They offer a great shuttle service to the French Quarter and are only about thirty minutes outside of the city. All you have to do is sit down with your group, call or go online to get an idea for scheduling, and then plan out an amazing day or weekend that gives you two sides to one great coin.