Mardi Gras Swamp Tours

December 30, 2015

If you are in New Orleans during the Mardi Gras season and are looking for something unique and fun to do with family or friends, then a swamp tour with Airboat Adventures in New Orleans is just right for you! You and your family and friends will get to cruise along the beautiful coastal Louisiana waters as you experience the landscape and wildlife of the Louisiana’s swamp and wetlands. You may encounter alligators, waterfowl, turtles, and other fascinating creatures big and small as you cruise through the swamplands on one of Airboat Adventures’s speedy airboats! What are you waiting for? Give Airboat Adventures a call today or visit their website for more information on how to begin this one-of-a-kind experience!

Experience the Swamp First-Hand

You will have the experience of a lifetime when you book a swamp boat tour in New Orleans with the one and only Airboat Adventures. One of the best things about this New Orleans swamp boat tour is that you and your family or friends can learn a lot about Louisiana wildlife while on the tour; in fact, it is an educational experience for everyone! Regardless of if you are visiting New Orleans for vacation or if you are simply a curious local from around New Orleans, Airboat Adventures is an exciting weekend excursion for people of all ages. Visitors to Airboat Adventures will delight in the fact that they can interactively learn a few things about Louisiana’s swamplands and do it with their closest friends and family.

Bask in Louisiana's natural scenery with Airboat Adventures.

An Airboat for Everyone

Whether you are on a date, with the family, or with a few friends for maybe a bachelor party, there is an airboat that will perfect accommodate your group size! The airboats at Airboat Adventures come in two sizes. The smaller boat comfortably holds 6-8 passengers and the larger boat has room for 15-27 people. The boats cruise beneath the canopies of the awe-inspiring cypress trees and tupelo gum trees in order to give you a swamp experience that is like no other. You will get to experience the stunning scenery you may have seen in photographs, and this time you will get to see it up-close with Airboat Adventures!

Airboat used to tour Louisiana's stunning natural swamps.

Tour Guides

The tour guides at Airboat Adventures want to make sure your experience with them is one you will remember for life. Airboat Adventure boat captains are all from the South and each one is extremely passionate about what they do. Airboat Adventure captains truly enjoying teaching others about the place that they call home. The airboat captains will share with you their vast knowledge and fun swamp facts as you journey though the wilderness. You will even have the opportunity to hold a baby alligator during their ride!

Gator holding pet an alligator swamp

Go for a Swamp Tour in New Orleans with Airboat Adventures!

Enjoying a swamp boat tour in New Orleans is simple when you choose Airboat Adventures. Whether you have a huge group with you or it is just you and a few friends, Airboat Adventures is ready to show you a great time! Get away from the city and enjoy this unique and fun experience, and learn a thing or two in the process. Call or find out more information online today!

Airboat Tours in New Orleans

December 15, 2015

An airboat is not a typical boat found just anywhere – An airboat is useful for the New Orleans swamps because tree roots and shallow waters make navigating a typical boat very difficult. The shell of an airboat is more flat and shallow than a standard boat shell. This construction allows the boat to graze just the surface of the water. Airboats are generally made of a welded aluminum and fiberglass hull and fan-like motor.

airboat tours new orleans louisiana

The airboat’s motor is much different than the partially submerged motor of a typical boat. The motor of the airboat is actually above water, and resembles a giant airplane propellor. This giant fan works to push air backward, causing the boat to move forward. The fan is enclosed by a cage or metal grating that prevents things from falling between the high-speed fan blades during motion.

Airboat tours allow you to get closer to the wildlife of the swamp by going places most boats cannot. The Louisiana wetlands provide a natural habitat for all types of wildlife, from turtles and alligators to owls and egrets. Native plants include marsh grass, tupelo-gum trees, and bald cypress trees. Our airboat tours cover over 20,000 acres of swampland and allow you to ride through the tree canopies and skim across the open water for an hour and forty-five minutes to two hours.

Airboat tours in Louisiana

Airboat Adventures’ airboat tours can be taken on two different size airboats. The first is the smaller airboat tour, which is on a six-to-eight passenger airboat. The second is the larger airboat, which can bring up to twenty-seven passengers into the swamp. Both adults and children will enjoy this airboat tour of Louisiana’s swamplands. Our animated, knowledgeable tour guides will share insider experiences, funny swamp stories, and interesting facts about local wildlife and swamp history. Every single one of our airboat tour captains is U.S. Coast Guard certified.

Taking an airboat tour is easy with Airboat Adventures. If you are staying at any downtown New Orleans hotel, our complimentary shuttle will pick you up for your desired airboat tour and promptly drop you back off once your tour is complete. Discover what makes Louisiana’s swamp so different from any other place when you experience it first hand with one of our airboat tours! Our airboat tours In New Orleans happen three to five times a day, seven days a week.