Take an Airboat tour in New Orleans

May 9, 2024

Why settle for ordinary when you and your family and friends can experience a one-of-a-kind airboat tour through Louisiana’s magnificent swamps and wetlands? Grab your friends and family and embark on an adventure of a lifetime with Airboat Adventures in New Orleans! When you take an airboat tour with Airboat Adventures, you will cruise through the coastal Louisiana waters and experience the breathtaking landscapes and take witness to several different types of animals and other critters. There is no better way to learn about the flora and fauna of Louisiana than experiencing it first hand on an exciting airboat tour! What are you waiting for? Book your airboat tour with Airboat Adventures in New Orleans today!

airboat adventures swamp tour new orleans

Becoming Informed

One of the best things about taking an airboat tour with Airboat Adventures is that you will not only be going for a unique journey through the swamps, you will also be interactively learning about the natural setting around you. Their tour guides are exceedingly well-informed about Louisiana’s swamps, and have a plethora of knowledge to pass along to their passengers. Whether you are a tourist looking for a unique way to spend a day, or are just a local looking for some fun, Airboat Adventures is the perfect activity for you! Airboat Adventures caters to guests of all ages, making it an ideal adventure to go on with the family, unlike many of New Orleans’s other more adult attractions.

Get close to Louisiana's wildlife with Airboat Adventures in New Orleans.

Options to Choose From

Regardless of if you have a small group with you or you decided to bring along your whole gang of friends, Airboat Adventures has a boat that will accommodate your group’s needs! The smaller boat offered by Airboat Adventures comfortably holds 10 passengers, making it ideal for families and smaller groups of people. The larger boat accommodates 30 people, allowing plenty of room for everyone. The airboats will cruise through beautiful scenery with canopies of Spanish moss and majestic cypress trees. You and your passengers will be in awe by the natural beauty of the swamp and all of its wonder.

Getting the Experience

All of the boat captains at Airboat Adventures are from the south and all of them are very passionate about what they do at Airboat Adventures. Airboat Adventures captains enjoy having the opportunity to teach people about the place they call home. The captains will share fun swamp facts with you as you cruise through nature. You will even have the opportunity to hold a baby alligator during the ride, if you are up for it!

Tour group enjoying Louisiana's swamps with Airboat Adventures.

Go on an Airboat tour with Airboat Adventures in New Orleans!

Come see the swamps like you have never seen them before on an airboat tour with Airboat Adventures in New Orleans, LA! If you are staying at a hotel in downtown New Orleans, Airboat Adventures has a shuttle that will pick you up for your tour and even drop you off when the swamp boat tour is finished. All you need to do is give Airboat Adventures a call and they will arrange a shuttle for you. They have at least three New Orleans swamp boat tours running daily, seven days a week! The first tour begins at 9:45 AM, the second at 12 PM, and the third swamp tour begins at 2 PM. During the warmer seasons, we have two additional airboat tours running at 4 PM and 6 PM. By request, we also offer reserved sunset tours. These sunset tours make for a romantic evening where you can watch the incredible scenery change before your very eyes. Book your swamp boat tour today with Airboat Adventures!