Calming down in New Orleans

February 14, 2013

Airboat Adventures is a great getaway from the city where you can see and experience a great side of Louisiana nature. Superbowl is over and there are groups of people who are hanging out after Mardi Gras and looking for something more laid back! If this is the case, then you should check out Airboat Adventures, who offers great swamp tours through tidewater cypress swamp where you can see up close and personal a real wild side to Louisiana that is simply unforgettable.

It’s the middle of February and the weather is still nice enough outside to enjoy these tours at any time of the day. From morning to evening, the temperature is moderate enough to sit in the sun on these beautiful waters and enjoy the majesty of a sneak peek at a real live food chain.

On these two hour tours, you can see the kings of the swamp: alligators! Tour guides have been known to show babies to guests, let guests hold them, and of course you can see feedings. Feedings are exciting because you really get to see the beast.

These tours are all about safety and education and all of Airboat Adventure’s captains are trained and certified to keep all passengers out of harm’s way. The boats are equipped to handle groups sized between six and eighteen members. These varying sizes are great for any group you can bring whether you’re down with family, just a few friends, or have a large group to take on a swamp safari. Don’t forget that Airboat Adventures also provides a shuttle service and will pick you up from any downtown New Orleans hotel, for fees and restrictions visit them online or call.

Simply put, this can be an exciting experience, alligators, birds, snakes, etc. all sorts of wild creatures can be just on the shore or waiting in the water. But the rush and excitement from being that close to wildlife and the educational information provided make these trip worth every penny. When you come to New Orleans, or if you’re already here don’t miss this opportunity to answer nature’s call and take part in this awesome experience. Call or go online today to book your tour all times from morning to evening are available and certain seasonal times are available by request.