6 Things To Bring With You To A Swamp Tour

February 28, 2018

6 Things To Bring With You To A Swamp Tour in New Orleans

The warm, sunny days of spring are knocking at our doorstep. That means it is a great time to come take a swamp tour with Airboat Adventures! Our gators are like us, they love the warmth. On one of our swamp tours, you can find alligators as big as seventeen feet sunbathing or swimming around the 20,000 acres of tidewater cypress swamp. But, before you get too excited about getting up close and personal with the creatures of cajun country, it’s important to be prepared! Here are 6 things to bring with you to your Airboat Adventures swamp tour:

Comfortable Clothing

We recommend wearing comfortable, casual clothing that is appropriate for the weather. It is typically colder once on the boat due to the high speeds. It may be a good idea to bring a light jacket if you’re coming during spring or summer, and pants and a thicker jacket in winter.


Don’t forget your camera! The beauty of Louisiana swampland mixed with the exotic wildlife you will encounter on the tour will definitely be picture worthy. We recommend waterproof cameras as a precaution because it may get wet from splashing water.


While we do sell ponchos at the gift shop, we recommend coming prepared in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. Bringing a poncho or umbrella would be a good idea! Leave being wet to the gators.


If you tend to burn easily or have fair skin, this especially applies! We will be on the water for over an hour and a half and if it’s a sunny day it would be a good idea to come prepared. While our gators can sunbathe for hours, we don’t recommend you do!

Bug Repellant

We often get questions about the mosquito situation out on the water. Typically we only have to use insect repellent once a year. We included it on this list to be precautionary because we also know that some people are more susceptible to bug bites. If you do get out of the airboat and wander around, the chances of facing mosquitos increases but it has never been a big issue in the past.

Your excitement!

This is the most important thing you can bring! We hope that you are super excited to join us on this thrilling adventure! We sure are excited to show you our passion for all things Louisiana. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will certainly show you a great time!

Come Adventure with Us Today!

Now that you know the 6 things to bring with you to a swamp tour, you’re ready to go! An Airboat Adventures tour is one of the neatest things you can do in New Orleans. Call us at 504-689-2005 or book a tour here to start the adventure. We’re ready. Are you?