Spooky Swamp Tales & New Orleans Airboat Rides

October 15, 2019

Get your spooky fix on our airboat rides.

It’s the perfect time of year to tour the swamps on airboat rides for a unique exploration of New Orleans culture. As one of the most haunted regions in the entire U.S., our thrills aren’t limited to the city! Take a journey 45 minutes from the French Quarter to the docks at Airboat Adventures. Find many Cajun tales of dark magic, troubled spirits, and more as you float upon our murky waters.

Tales From The Bayou

The swamp is home to many spooky fairy tales, especially Voodoo. Modern fairy tales, such as “The Princess and the Frog,” have set the scene for Voodoo in the swamp, too! When an evil Voodoo sorcerer cast a spell on Prince Naveen and Tiana, the two set out on a time-pressing journey riding a lily pad and an alligator through the bayou to seek help and guidance. They discover, Mama Odie, the good Voodoo Queen known for her healing powers and intuitive senses She lives in an abandoned ship with a great big swamp snake named Juju. I bet they wish they had airboat rides for their trip through the swamp! 

Other stories are not so jovial, however. The infamous Voodoo Priestess Julie White, who lived among the New Orleans swamps, is one of the darker stories to come from the bayou! On the day of her funeral—September 29, 1915—a hurricane struck land and killed many of the attendees. In her final days, she rocked to a cryptic hymn, that warned listeners of a catastrophe that would strike upon her death. She is believed to have cursed the city with a violent, destructive hurricane. Her spirit is said to still haunt the swamps to this day!

Another lesser-known Cajun tale is the story of the Letiche. The Letiche are the souls of unbaptized children who have passed but are stuck to wander the swamp waters. These lost infants enjoy making mischief by flipping the boats of travelers. Don’t fret though, our airboats rides are certifiably Letiche-proof!

When you go on our airboat rides through the Barataria Bayou, you may come across the disturbed souls of Jean Lafitte’s slaughtered crewmen, the Fifolet. Pirates believed burying a crewman with their treasure bound his soul to protect it forever. Legend has it the Fifolet appear as a glowing blue orb rising from the ground and moving through the trees. Spooky!

Spooky Sights Of The Crescent City

As one of the most haunted places in the nation, Louisiana is a magnet to ghost lovers and hunters alike. And this Halloween, who knows what you might see around the city? No matter if you’re in a well-lit Cafe du Monde or roaming the halls of a plantation, a spirit might be anywhere! And even if a ghost doesn’t appear during your stay, make sure to grab some famous Louisiana grub. It tastes so good it’s frightening!

Book Your Ride With The Cajun Legends

The most exciting Halloween adventures this year are on the bayou! We have a fleet of airboats to accommodate any size party. To make a reservation, go online to book or contact us at 504-689-2005. Grab your friends for a fun adventure on the best airboat rides in the swamp!