Take an Exciting Alligator Tour in Louisiana

July 30, 2015

There are many different sides to the state of Louisiana, thanks to its incredibly rich culture that has developed over hundreds of years. People all over the country have a mixed idea of what Louisiana really is, and so do some of its own residents. Louisiana consists of both cities and wildlife; however, the wildlife side isn’t a very recognized trait. People may think that the wildlife of Louisiana is stomping around in a swamp and being attacked by bugs and other animals, but there is a way to experience the beauty that the state has to offer. An Alligator tour in Louisiana is one of the best ways to see that side of Louisiana’s beauty, and you can experience it through Airboat Adventures!

Louisiana’s Other Residents

What are some of the most recognized icons of Louisiana? Alligators! Taking this nature-filled alligator tour in Louisiana with Airboat Adventures is the best way to see these animals up close, as well as some of the other residents that take up their homes in Louisiana. While on your airboat ride, you could see several different animals, such as Herons, Bald Eagles, Ibis, Snakes, Turtles, Hawks, Egrets, and more! Plus, depending on which size boat you choose, you could get closer to an Alligator than you ever have before. Your tour guide may even be crazy enough to jump in the water to pet the Alligator himself!

In Good Hands

When you choose Airboat Adventures as your place to explore the nature and wildlife of Louisiana, you can remain confident that the tour guides know exactly what they are doing. Each staff member has endless enthusiasm as well as extensive knowledge of the area. They are happy to teach their customers about the history of the area and the lifestyle of the locals! All you have to do is sit back and relax while your tour guide helps you soak up all of the culture and beauty that Louisiana has to offer!

An Experience For Everyone

These tours offered at Airboat Adventures are the perfect opportunity to gather together with your friends and/or family to enjoy each other’s company, as well as the company of the Louisiana wildlife! There are different sized boats to accommodate any group, so you can choose the smaller boats that fit between six and eight passengers, or you could opt for the larger boats that fit between fifteen and twenty-seven! You can also make a day out of your trip, because Airboat Adventures offers to pick you up and drop you off from any hotel located in downtown New Orleans! So whether you want to go in the morning, noon, or early afternoon, there are tours available and you can plan an amazing day to get the city-side, as well as the swamp side of Louisiana!

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