2 Things To Expect During Swamp Tours In New Orleans

April 30, 2019

We often hear from our tourists that they’ve never seen anything like our beloved swamplands. Even though water can make a person nervous sometimes. Because of this reason, we want to make sure our visitors feel as prepared as possible to have a swamp adventure with us! There are a few things you should expect from the swamp tours in New Orleans. So why shouldn’t we give you a small heads up of what to expect? Namely, the weather and times. You won’t find any swamp tours in New Orleans that are more exciting than Airboat Adventures.

Weather In Louisiana

The weather down here in Bayou Country is constantly changing. Ask any local and they’ll tell you to always be ready for a spot of rain even if the forecast doesn’t call for it. When looking at the facts, it’s no surprise they say that.

Louisiana is the second-wettest state in the nation and it rains around 60 inches per year. That’s equal to five feet (or a whole Danny DeVito with an eraser on his head). Water is merely a staple of Louisiana living. To be sure, it’s important to come prepared for it!

If you find yourself unprepared for the Louisiana weather, don’t fret! At Airboat Adventures, we have ponchos available for sale if rain comes our way. If it’s raining a bit, the boats and tours still run! However, if there is lightning and thunder amongst the clouds, we will cancel for two reasons. First: the safety and comfort of our passengers. And second: most animals tend to avoid the storm’s loud noises and flashing lights. We thank you for understanding.

new orleans swamp tour in the sun

Length Of Tours

The general length of swamp tours in New Orleans is around half an hour to two hours. And this doesn’t include transportation time! It’s always smart to check your tour’s site first so you don’t forget.

At Airboat Adventures, our swamp tours are a full hour and 45 minutes, being on the higher end of the spectrum. Bayou Barataria is full of life and foliage and we want our passengers to see it all. In other words, it makes for a lengthier tour time.

We also offer hotel pickup to those staying in the Crescent City. Transportation begins an hour and 15 minutes before your scheduled tour time. This time is to account for distance and for any possible traffic on your way here. We’d hate to have you miss your tour!

Book Swamp Tours In New Orleans Today!

You should only expect the best from the swamp tours in New Orleans. So why don’t you swing down to Bayou Barataria to take a ride with Airboat Adventures? Happen to have a question or two for us? Feel free to contact us here. Ready to join us on the water? You can either call us at 504-689-2005 or book here. We can’t wait to show you our unique swamp!