Enjoy a Winter Swamp Tour with Airboat Adventures

December 30, 2016

A Refreshing Winter Experience

For those who travel to New Orleans and those who live in New Orleans alike, there are an endless amount of attractions that make the big easy the place to be. One of the best things about Southern Louisiana and New Orleans is its temperate climate, where temperatures stay relatively warm, even during the winter months. This warm weather makes winter the perfect time to go on a swamp tour with Airboat Adventures right outside of New Orleans in Lafitte. Although swamp tours through Airboat Adventures are a great experience at any time of the year, they are especially popular in the winter because they provide a nice outside experience, and the weather in Southern Louisiana during the winter never gets too cold. A winter swamp tour in New Orleans is a great way to enjoy the outdoors!

What Makes A Swamp Tour So Great?

Gator holding pet an alligator swamp

By choosing to go on a swamp tour in Lafitte, visitors have an opportunity to go out in nature and see some of the most natural beauty than Louisiana has to offer. Contrary to some belief, the winter offers swamp tour visitors one of the best experiences of the whole year. During the winter the grass is only a few inches high compared to the tall grass of the summer months allowing for greater visibility of the animals around. For those most excited about seeing land animals, deer and the Louisiana famous nutria can be found most easily during the winter months. Furthermore, migratory birds like the bald eagle and waterfowl have come South to enjoy the warm air, just like visitors. Another added bonus that makes these Airboat Adventure tours so great is that mosquitoes are not a problem at any time of the year. Although less frequent during the summer months, alligators continue to make appearances during the winter when they perch on the logs to enjoy the pleasant sunshine to warm them up from the chilly water.

What Are My Swamp Tour Options

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Airboat Adventures understands that many people who visit New Orleans do so without having access to a car. To help customers, Airboat Adventures offers a pickup service to people staying at hotels in New Orleans. To accommodate groups of various sizes, two boat sizes are offered for Airboat Adventures swamp tours. For smaller groups, they may take the boats that hold 10 people and bigger groups may take the fan boats that hold 30 people. Although it does get warmer throughout the day, all of the available swamp tour times are popular and enjoyable experiences. All of the tours last from 1 hour and 45 minutes to 2 hours. The departure times are 9:45AM, 12PM, and 2PM with 4PM and 6PM tours being offered seasonally. The guides, who give their tours 7 days a week, all grew up in the beautiful bayous of South Louisiana and love sharing their knowledge of the areas that are explored on the tours. The expert fishers and hunters know how to find where the animals are and can help you spot them. Furthermore, the guides are happy to answer any and all questions that come to mind while enjoying this warm winter experience. Swamp tours with airboat adventures are a fun group experience that’s open to almost anyone excluding children under 5, women who are pregnant, and people who suffer from serious neck or back injuries.

Try A Winter SWamp Tour

Choosing to explore the windy bends and beautiful waterways of Louisiana leaves visitors with memories that will last a lifetime and an experience people can forever share with their group. After leaving Airboat Adventures tours, people leave with happy hearts and warm hands because of the warm outside air; a beautiful contrast to the cold air everywhere else. To locate Airboat Adventures, guests may head to 5145 Fleming Park Rd, Lafitte, LA. To experience a winter swamp tour and enjoy the warm air during the cold winter months, parties interested may book a tour by calling 504-689-2005 or 888-427-9267. Book your refreshing winter swamp tour today!

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