Why Airboat Adventures is Best Swamp Tour Around New Orleans

July 31, 2018

There are certainly plenty of reasons to go on a swamp tour in New Orleans. It’s an adventure in every sense of the word. If you’re looking for something to do in New Orleans that has nothing to do with Bourbon Street or drinking (not that we’re judging), then Airboat Adventures is the right choice.

best swamp tour in new orleans

Reasons to Choose the Best Swamp Tour in New Orleans

Without further ado, here are 5 reasons why Airboat Adventures is the best swamp tour in New Orleans.

1 – Proximity

Airboat Adventures’ physical location is extremely close to New Orleans, some would even say it’s in New Orleans. These airboats run through swamps right outside Jean Lafitte National Historical Park. Due to how close it is, Airboat Adventures even supplies transport to and from our location.

2 – Sugar

Yeah, that seems like a weird answer. But, when you have an albino alligator on the premises, what else do you name her? Sugar is the albino alligator we keep on the grounds of Airboat Adventures. She’s a crowd favorite and the kids are always awed by her.

3 – Easy Booking

You can book an Airboat Adventures ride today in just a matter of minutes. Using our online booking or by calling in, you can find availability and book your seats within minutes. You can even arrange to be picked up at your hotel if need be. Don’t wait, book now!

4 – Cajun Guides

At Airboat Adventures, you’re not going to have seasonal workers working as guides. Our Cajun boys are employed full-time as swamp tour guides. They’ll show you what a swamp tour really looks like.

5 – Experience

We’ve been doing this for a long time. We know what our customers like and don’t like because we’ve seen it all. More importantly, we believe we offer the experience of all the business operating a swamp tour in New Orleans.

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Enough reasons for you? If not, we’ve got more. Just call us and we can explain exactly what separates us from others.

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