Tours In New Orleans That Are Worth Every Penny

May 1, 2018

Are you looking for affordable tours in New Orleans that will blow your socks off? Perhaps you’re looking for something that is outside the ordinary? We get it. We see a lot of customers who are interested in something outside of Bourbon Street and the French Quarter in New Orleans (Which, of course, you should check out! They’re popular for a reason!).

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Marie Laveau Tomb

Marie Laveau is one of New Orleans’ most famous practitioners of voodoo. Considered by some the “Voodoo Queen”, her tomb is still accessible through tours. It’s a favorite spot for many tourists who want to experience New Orleans’ history.

Airboat Adventures

We’re proud to be the leading company for airboat tours! If you want a New Orleans swamp tour. This is an exciting adventure that we’re proud to be able to offer at affordable prices. There is a reason our reviews are so incredibly positive, we provide a family-friendly environment that is still adventurous.

Steamboat Natchez Dinner Cruise

This is a steamboat situated on the mighty Mississippi River. They offer a dinner cruise, a scenic view of the river, and a good time. It’s one of the great experiences that someone can have in New Orleans, whether they are a local or a tourist.

Cocktail Walking Tour

There are a number of cocktail walking tours in New Orleans, which some claim is the birthplace of the cocktail. This city, so well known for alcohol, has so many local, recognizable cocktails that are worth trying, including the Sazerac, the Hurricane, and the Gin Fizz. See them all on a tour!

Hurricane Katrina Tour

Hurricane Katrina swept through New Orleans and left, in its wake, nothing but heartbreak and devastation. The story hardly ends there, though. The true story of Katrina is one of recovery and resilience. There are a number of tours that can take you through the disaster and also the recovery. We highly recommend this to anyone interested in the history of New Orleans and how the hurricane affected our great city.

Brewery Walking Tour

New Orleans is home to numerous breweries. Brieux Carre Brewing Company, Crescent City Brewhouse, Urban South Brewery, Second Line Brewing, Port Orleans Brewing, and many others. They each have their own wonderful flavors and funky atmospheres. So, if a brewery is your kind of tour, take a trip!

Haunted Tours

New Orleans is known for its many hauntings. From slave quarters and voodoo to vampires and serial killers, New Orleans has it all. If you’re into spooky, creepy, scary, and crawly, then New Orleans has all the haunted tours you could ever hope to see. It’s a city known for its scares.

Tours In New Orleans: The True Adventure

If you’re looking at tours in New Orleans and you’re interested in seeing the swamps of Louisiana, we’re excited to host you! Come let us show you how beautiful our swamps can be from the back of an insanely fun airboat!

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