New Orleans Wildlife Tour

October 15, 2014

The state of Louisiana is a place that contains an incredible amount of history and culture, and there are so many ways to visit and experience all that the state has to offer. One of the most iconic places in Louisiana is, of course, the city of New Orleans. Thousands of people flood to the city daily to get a taste of the food, hear the music, and see the historical places that made New Orleans what it is today. What people don’t often spend their time on or even realize, are the swamps and the wildlife just outside of the city. It is possible to go on a New Orleans wildlife tour, just by taking one on a high-speed airboat! This is all made possible by Airboat Adventures, a team of Louisiana Wildlife enthusiasts who are dedicated to showing people all of the other things that New Orleans has to offer, just in a fun and exciting way!

The Adventure

Airboat Adventures can give you some fabulous memories in one of their long, shallow-bottomed vessels that can take you to see over 20,000 acres of swamps. All you have to do is sit back and let your experienced tour guide wind in and out of the trees and streams of the Louisiana swamps, which could prove much better than exhausting yourself by walking for miles behind a tour guide in the city! Airboat Adventures offers these tours at several times throughout the day, so you should never feel the need to adjust your schedule around theirs. Plus, they offer seasonal sunset tours, so take your significant other or group of friends for a beautiful picture of New Orleans nature at sunset!

The Wildlife

You’ll see a wide range of animals when taking a tour with Airboat Adventures. You have a high change of seeing several ibis, herons, snakes, bald eagles, egrets, alligators, and nutria! You have no idea just how up close and personal you could get to these wonderful creatures that call Louisiana their home. You’ll also get the chance to see the different plant nature that thrives in these swamps; plants and trees that you wouldn’t find in the city or anywhere else in the state!

Come One, Come All!

Airboat Adventures can accommodate almost any size group of people. They have different sized boats so that you can bring a small and more private group, or join in on a large group! They offer a small sized boat that can take between six and eight people, as well as a larger vessel that can fit between fifteen and twenty-seven people! So bring whomever you’d like for this journey and you can all experience the fun together!

Call Today!

Your New Orleans wildlife tour is just a call away! Schedule your tour or find out pricing just by calling Airboat Adventures at 1-888-467-9267!