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September 24, 2019

The culture of South Louisiana simply wouldn’t be the same without our gorgeous wetlands and the unique wildlife that inhabits it. We at Airboat Adventures want to share it with the whole world! Known for our entertaining and educational guides, our New Orleans airboat tours get reviews that shine. As you plan your trip to the bayou, be sure to discover the few things you can expect. Find out more with the professionals at Airboat Adventures.

First Things First

Being surrounded by water, we often have passengers who are worried about getting wet. Don’t worry—the chances of getting wet on airboat tours are quite low unless it starts to rain while we are out on the water. But if you’re worried about the safety of your camera, it may be smart to bring something waterproof.  However, you will receive lots of sun and wind so everyone needs to wear sunglasses and sunscreen to protect themselves. We even recommend reapplying your sunscreen halfway through since the trips are almost two hours long.

All Aboard The Airboat

So what is an airboat? Airboats are flat-bottomed watercraft propelled by a propeller that sits on top of the boat rather than submerged under the water like other boats. The various weeds and shrubs that flourish among the brackish water prevent us from using standard engines and underwater propellers. While this does make the boat loud when we move fast, we provide headphones for everyone for comfort. 

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Louisiana’s Most Majestic Creatures

Get ready to see all kinds of exciting wildlife! Alligators in the bayou range from babies to gigantic ones—up to 17 ft long. And do you want to know a secret? Alligators love marshmallows! As we explore the bayou together, your adventure guide shows you how to safely feed these snacks to our friends from the boat. We do this so often that the giants know to greet us if they want their treats. In addition to the gators, you can encounter all kinds of wildlife such as snakes, turtles, herons, nutria, bald eagles, and more! Be sure to pack your camera for the pictures of a lifetime.

We love our wildlife here in the Louisiana bayou. That’s why we take the opportunity to raise awareness about our beautiful wetlands on every tour. Our passionate tour guides share tons of interesting information about the history of the area and preservation of the swampland and wildlife.

Fun That Lasts A Lifetime

After the tour, be sure to stop by the gift shop for a special surprise: a rare albino alligator! Who knows where else you’ll be able to see another one of those wonders. From t-shirts to gator tooth necklaces—we have a great selection for you to find the perfect item to remind you of your time in the bayou. 

Experience It For Yourself!

You don’t want just anybody to take you through the swamp—you want the best tour guides in town! Time and time again, we have proven to be #1 in New Orleans Airboat Tours reviews

But don’t just take our word for it, experience it for yourself and book your airboat tour with us today. We look forward to sharing an adventure through the New Orleans swampland with you.