The Real Louisiana Wildlife Tour

September 30, 2014

There are many different ways to experience Louisiana’s rich culture and history. Often times, people travel down south to New Orleans to visit the various historical sites right there in the city. Some people choose to take tours, but they may not do it right. Don’t tour Louisiana the wrong way by following a tour guide around the city, not able to understand their fast-talking! Don’t be unsatisfied by how quick the tour ends, not allowing you to fully dwell and appreciate all the sites you’ve seen and the new information you’ve been enlightened with! Take a real tour of Louisiana that’s fun and incredibly entertaining for you and whoever you wish to bring along! Do this by embarking on a Louisiana wildlife tour with Airboat Adventures!

Why An Airboat Tour?

Instead of walking around all day trying to keep up with the busy crowds of New Orleans, a high-speed Airboat Tour could be just what you need to spice things up! It’s a fun and different way of experiencing the other parts of Louisiana that people aren’t used to seeing. The swamps and wildlife are a huge part of the culture and history of the state that isn’t often recognized or acknowledged. Plus, you can take one of these tours at almost any time of the day! So when it’s a nice and sunny day in Louisiana, feel free to take a tour in the morning, afternoon, or even at sunset! The beautiful water and scenery will be a site that you won’t be able to forget at that time of day!

Your Fellow Adventurers

When you go on a tour like this, no matter whom you bring, you are bound to have a good time! However, Airboat Adventures has different sized boats to accommodate your group. For smaller groups, they have boats that can fit between six and eight passengers, and for larger groups, they have boats that can fit between fifteen and twenty-seven! This is a great experience for friends and family, so bring either or both, because Airboat Adventures has room for everyone!

What You Might See

When you take a tour with Airboat Adventures, you’ll see a wide range of Louisiana’s wildlife. You can see any number of ibis, herons, egrets, snakes, bald eagles, nutria, and of course, alligators! Who knows? Maybe your tour guide might just jump into the water from your boat and start feeding the alligators from his hands! It’s definitely a site to see! However, don’t forget that in addition to the animals, you’ll see the true nature of Louisiana that most people forget about!

Schedule Your Tour Today!

If you’d like to experience a real Louisiana wildlife tour, then contact Airboat Adventures today at 1-888-467-9267 to get started on scheduling your exciting tour today!