Life as a Cajun in a Tour of Louisiana Swamps, Airboat Adventures

August 30, 2014

The great American frontier filters down through the delta of the Mississippi river where you will find one of the densest, most distinctive environments on the continent.  From the hauntingly beautiful, water born cypress trees to the sweeping and rich marsh, the Louisiana bayous are built with wonderfully tailored flora inhabited by equally adapted fauna.  From the terrifying giant reptiles to the majestically radiant egret and pelicans, Louisiana holds an inspiring diversity in the balance of life.  This amazing scenery, still largely uninhabited, was made for those with an adventuring heart and appreciation for the contrasts of nature.

The Cajun people ostracized from Nova Scotia ventured into this tumultuous environment and braved the yearly storms, the virulent wildlife, adopted the strange vegetation and created a culture built on and inspired by that very nature so foreign to the once French-Canadians. This celebratory culture of life built on the still water and all of the nature that supports it can still be experienced today with our invigorating airboat tours.

Whether you’re vacationing in the great city of New Orleans or you’re a southern native looking to get in touch with all the great scenery and wildlife our unique ecosystem has to offer, Airboat Adventures is sure to give you a new experience.  Located only a short drive from the historic French Quarter of New Orleans and near the Jean Laffite National Historic Park and Preserve, Airboat Adventures can work a complete experience of the vast Louisiana swamp lands into your busy schedule.  Hosting several two hour tours daily for parties of any size, Airboat Adventures are ready to depart whenever you are.

We can show you everything from the alligators, the snapping turtles, the bullfrogs, and the snakes of the brackish waters to the Spanish moss on the cypress and tupelo-gum trees.  A bird sighter’s delight, our state brown pelicans are complimented by egret, herons, ibis, and even hawk and bald eagle.  Bringing you right out into the backwaters, you will have these elusive amphibians and carefree flyers right next to the boat and only reaches away.   You’ve had the great culinary delights of the Crescent City, now you can have an up close view of what the crawfish catchers fight through to nab their prize delights.

Be sure to bring your cameras, no one back home will believe you were this close to a real life gator and lived to tell the tale. And your home wall will never feel complete without a remembrance of our iconic cypress silhouetted on swamp land sunset.

Our high speeds Airboat Tours go outside the commercial confines of slower paced tours to give you full immersion in the wildlife.  Being only 30 minutes out of the city, you can have the full experience of the life as a Cajun and be back to discuss it over hurricanes and hand grenades at Pat O’Brian’s by evening.