Looking for Things To Do in New Orleans? Contact Airboat Adventures!

May 10, 2016

New Orleans is a unique city that is rich in its culture, history, and entertainment. There is a side of New Orleans that many visitors to the great city do not get the chance to see- and that is the beautiful swamplands and wetlands that surround it! If you are looking for fun and interesting things to do in New Orleans, then go for an airboat ride through scenic southern Louisiana scenery with Airboat Adventures! Come join the outgoing captains and embark on an exciting high-speed airboat tour through the stunning swamps. The swamps are a dynamic ecosystem, supporting a variety of aquatic and moist-soil vegetation, as well as a unique wildlife population. During your 1 hour 45 minute to 2-hour wildlife tour you will have the chance to see alligators, snakes, turtles, egrets, herons and ibis, and maybe even hawks, owls and the occasional bald eagle. What are you waiting for? Come embark on the adventure of a lifetime and book your airboat tour with Airboat Adventures today in New Orleans!

Looking for Things To Do in New Orleans?

Going on an exciting airboat ride through some of Louisiana’s most beautiful swamps and wetlands is an appealing activity for people of all ages and abilities. When you are looking for things to do in New Orleans, it can sometimes be challenging to find an activity that the whole family will enjoy. There are plenty of nightlife activities in New Orleans for adults, but finding something that everyone will love and that everyone can partake in can be a difficult task. Not to worry- take your family on the experience of a lifetime and embark on an airboat tour with Airboat Adventures! For approximately two hours, you and your family will get a first-hand look at the vast amount cypress trees that frame the swamps, and curving waterways that are partially shaded by the draping trees. You will have the chance to witness a variety of beautiful bird species from hawks to bald eagles, wild white-tailed deer and more. You will even have the opportunity to see alligators!

An Experience to Remember

Whether you are a local looking for things to do in New Orleans or a visitor to the Big Easy, an airboat tour through the swamps with Airboat Adventures in New Orleans is an experience everyone will remember! You can select from two boat options when you book your airboat tour with Airboat Adventures: There is the large boat that can comfortably seat up to 27 passengers, and the smaller boat, which can accommodate parties between 6 and 8 passengers. All of the expert guides at Airboat Adventures are Certified by the U.S. Coast Guard. They were all born and raised in Louisiana, and they all share a deep love for the swamp and everything found in it. The guides will share interesting information and facts with you throughout the tour, so you will be able to learn a thing or two about the swamps while you are out there. There is not a bad time of year to book an Airboat Tour; Winter can be a great time because the summer’s seasonal grass gets as high as six feet tall, but is only inches high during the winter months.

Book Your Airboat Tour Today!

If you are looking for things to do in New Orleans, look no further than an airboat tour through the swamps with Airboat Adventures! We offer airboat tours seven days a week and have various morning, afternoon and evening tour times available so, no matter when you want to go, the team is ready for you!