December Swamp Tour

December 7, 2012

A December Swamp Tour

Have you ever wanted a little taste of adventure that wasn’t all about alcohol and music? Airboat Adventures offers you such an experience. They are a swamp tour company that offers amazing tours through genuine New Orleans swamp land. They are located about thirty minutes outside of the French Quarter for easy access from the entire city. If you’ve come for Christmas, take a break from the lights and enjoy a cool afternoon on the swamp with Airboat Adventures where you’re sure to get a taste of life more exciting than a cup of eggnog.

december swamp tour

What Can We Offer?

Airboat Adventures can accommodate groups of all shapes and sizes, from six to eight passengers and they even have a boat that holds fifteen to twenty-seven passengers. These various boat sizes are great depending on what your plans are and how big your group is. These tours are great for all sorts of gatherings: corporate events, family gatherings, even a group of friends impulsively driving down to the swamp and taking a look around on a big airboat. If you go online to their website you can see great testimonials from people who’ve already taken the tour and get a first-hand impression of how good these tours are.

Each tour is approximately an hour and forty-five minutes to two hours long. Aside from the swamp, you have the opportunity to see all the wildlife the swampland that Louisiana has to offer. And don’t feel shy about asking for a ride, they offer to pick you up from your hotel as long as you’re staying in the French Quarter/Downtown Area. There are testimonials online that boast about their bus rides arriving on time.

An Authentic Louisiana Swamp Tour

Whether you’ve come to the city for thrills or music, lights or parties, there is a great experience awaiting you in the swamp. A December swamp tour in Louisiana can be really amazing. These boats make you feel majestic as the wind blows through your hair and the sunshine lights the water. And the tour can make a great Christmas gift, a great surprise! Get in the car and bundle up your loved ones without telling them where you’re going and a little while later… surprise! And kids and adults alike can enjoy the sights of alligators and other exotic wildlife of the swamp. So call today and make arrangements to have a Christmas tour that’s not just beautiful, but wild!