Make Lifelong Memories With Our Airboat Rides

August 20, 2019

When you’re a parent, the search for new and fun activities for you and your children to do is never-ending. However, with the constant new events popping up all over New Orleans, it’s hard to tell what your kids would actually enjoy. The great thing about taking an airboat ride with children is it’s an exciting experience all ages and interests! Whether your child is quiet or bursting with energy, they are going to LOVE the sense of adventure Airboat Adventures gives them.


Who doesn’t love taking a joy ride every now and then? The rush of the wind against your face and hair is enough to get even adults giddy when you’re cruising down Bayou Barataria. Our airboats breeze down the bayou at just the right speed to get the adrenaline lovers giddy but not too fast for some of our more timid passengers. Truly, airboat rides are perfect for children who love a rush of excitement.

See All The Local Louisiana Wildlife

From our ancient alligators to our graceful egrets, there is absolutely no limit to how many wild animals your kids might see! Our Louisiana bayous are home to a huge population of many diverse species. Species that you won’t be able to see anywhere else in the world but in the swamplands.  It’s safe to say, your family will need to go on more than just one airboat ride to see it all.

A Change Of Pace From Playing Inside

There is so much new technology that comes out at what seems like an unending pace. And our children are the ones who connect to these gadgets more often than not. While a lot of technology is really cool and useful to our daily lives, it’s sometimes hard to disconnect. So, why not take a ride? Airboat riding with your children is a great way to allow them to disconnect with the virtual world and reconnect outside. In fact, outside play and interaction is linked to a multitude of benefits for kids. More time spent outside offers not only physical benefits but mental as well. Besides, what’s a better way to have some fun with the family than going on a new adventure?

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Book An Airboat Ride With Your Children Today

Get out of the house and take your young ones on an adventure they will never forget! Book your appointment with us to begin your adventure. If you have any questions for our professionals, feel free to call us at 504-689-2005 or if you prefer, email us at We can’t wait to give you and your family the adventure they need. Take an adventure with your children today!