Breathtaking Adventures via Airboat

July 23, 2019

Airboat Adventures is more than your typical tourist attraction. Our airboat rides are a celebration of the Louisiana bayou’s natural beauty. No one can deny the breathtaking scenery of the Louisiana wetlands. Millions of years ago, outlets and inlets flowing into the mouth of the Mississippi River formed the Louisiana bayous. The mighty Mississippi supplies a steady movement of the waterways, interestingly affecting how we navigate our land. In the early 1930s, we completely revolutionized travel through the swamp with the invention of the first airboat. The invention is so useful, we still use airboats to this day! So hop aboard for one of our swamp tours and you will experience just how unique our state’s landscape and wildlife are.

swamp boat tour new orleans airboat ride

Be A Part of Louisiana History

No matter if you are a Louisiana native or not, airboats are a common image that comes to mind when thinking about Louisiana swamps. As we and others use these to skillfully navigate our bountiful bayous, these boats are a very popular attraction suitable for all ages. When you join Airboat Adventures on one of our airboat rides, we take you over the duckweeds and through shallow waterways, better known to all as “bayous.” The word “bayou” actually originated from the native Choctaw term little stream, “bayok.” 

Taking a drive through our swamp will leave you amazed by the plants and animals who created their homes there. The twisting cypress and tupelo trees start their roots beneath the surface of the water and reach above the surface to receive oxygen. The alligators that fill our bayous are a species over 37 million years old. In our airboat rides, prepare to get up-close and personal with these ancient and incredible creatures and many other native animals.

In addition to wildlife, you also learn about how life on the water has and continues to shape our culture. The food we eat, the houses we build, and more makes our day to day living much different, even from those who live just a few miles upstate. There’s truly nowhere else in the world like New Orleans or the Louisiana swampland.


Start experiencing a real New Orleans experience today by scheduling an airboat ride with Airboat Adventures! Currently, we offer both large (30 passengers) and small (seating ten passengers) airboat tours depending on your needs. No matter what you need, we’re ready to help you take an adventure.

So are you ready to see what the bayou holds? Book your tour here and join us on these waters to see the majesty of the swamp.  Have a question for us that you didn’t find on our FAQ? Not a problem. You can contact one of our representatives online or give us a call at (504)689-2005. We look forward to seeing you take in the glory of the bayou on one of our airboat rides!