Take An Airboat Tour in New Orleans!

March 30, 2018

The promise of warmer weather, beautiful foliage and crawfish season are enough to make us excited for spring. The alligators that inhabit our 20,000 acres of Louisiana cypress swamp would agree as well. When you come on an Airboat Adventures tour in New Orleans you can see alligators up to 17 ft. sunbathing under the warm sun. Spring is a perfect time to come experience the creatures of the swamp on a one-of-a-kind airboat tour in New Orleans!

heron on an airboat tour in new orleans

The Creatures

Did you know that on an Airboat Adventures tour, you not only see alligators of all sizes, but you also get to witness some of the most magnificent fauna and flora in Louisiana? That’s right. During the hour and forty-five minutes that you’ll be out on the open waters, you will experience alligators, turtles, egrets, herons, ibis, hawks, owls, bald eagles, raccoons, and more! When we say that you’ll see creatures of all shapes, sizes, and colors, we truly mean it.  

The Airboats

Airboat Adventures currently offers two tour packages. We offer a small airboat that can fit 10 passengers and is $89 per person, and a large airboat that fits 30 people and is $59 per person. Both packages offer round trip transportation from any hotel in the Greater New Orleans area for an additional $30 per person. Visit our swamp tours page to find out more information about tour times, hours of operation and more!

The Experience

So, you’re interested in taking an airboat tour in New Orleans but aren’t sure why you should choose Airboat Adventures? Here are some of the reasons why Airboat Adventures is the premier place to get up close and personal with the creatures of the swamp:

  1. Knowledgeable, passionate and FUN swamp tour guides
  2. Different airboat packages that accommodate various party sizes
  3. Over 20,000 acres of Louisiana swampland
  4. Alligators up to 17 feet long
  5. An air-conditioned, indoor facility that offers a gift shop and snacks
  6. The only albino alligator in Southern Louisiana
  7. An outdoor patio with great views and picnic tables
  8. Roundtrip transportation services from Downtown New Orleans hotels for a small additional fee

We are dedicated to providing an unforgettable experience for people of all ages. If you are interested in learning more, feel free to contact us or visit our FAQs page.

Book an Airboat Tour In New Orleans

Don’t miss out on the adventure of a lifetime with an Airboat Adventures tour in New Orleans. We are always eager to answer any questions you may have. Call us at 504-689-2005 or book online today!