Take An Airboat Ride On This New Orleans Swamp Tour

June 28, 2019

During the summertime, New Orleans bustles not only with tourists but also with native wildlife! That’s right. With the rising heat, creatures of all genera are coming out to play. Especially our resident reptiles—the alligators. Swamp tours all around are using various types of boats for their trips, but we know that airboats are the way to go. There are a number of reasons why they’re superior. Take an adventure with Airboat Adventures when you go on a New Orleans swamp tour!

Why Do You Use Airboats On A New Orleans Swamp Tour

No matter if you were born in the Crescent City or not, everyone has seen airboats at some point in their life. Used to traverse the swamps in Louisiana easily, these boats are now a popular attraction. 

Airboats, also known as fanboats or planeboats, are boats with a flat bottom and a large propeller on the back, powered by a heavy-duty engine. The flat bottom of these boats allows easy passage through the shallow water often found in swamps. Being able to come up close and personal with the flora and fauna of the bayou makes for a much more exciting tour!

With the aircraft-type propeller on the back, these boats get a really good kick when they’re going. As a much faster alternative to other boats, airboats are a much better choice for those who like thrills. 

Miscellaneous Fun Facts: The New Orleans Nutria

The nutria, or coypu as some call it, is one of many creatures making their home within Louisiana’s wetlands. These large rats’ defining features are their long orange teeth and long tail, separating them from the beaver. However, nutria rats were not always within the U.S. An invasive species, nutria was introduced into the nation in the late 1800’s with the intent to begin a fur trade. And this worked for nearly 100 years! 

However, in recent decades, the damage nutria cause has become evident. Their natural instincts create a real problem of damaging and destroying wetlands. Therefore, the state has taken to removing the nutria and repairing our unique coastline. As part of this plan, a certified hunter can make five dollars per tail on top of the fur trade.  

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