Wildlife Other than Mardi Gras

January 25, 2013

Coming to New Orleans for the Superbowl and the tail end of the beautiful weather? You have to visit Airboat Adventures where they have the best swamp tours around. Best tours, best services, and best excitement anywhere are to be had at Airboat Adventures. Being just thirty minutes outside of the French Quarter they are just a hop, skip, and a jump away from all the craziness of the city. These tours aren’t just scenic, they’re full of great facts and their employees enjoy being the ones to spread the lore of the land. If you want a break from the noise of the city, take a swamp tour and experience the serenity and wildlife of the swamp.

New Orleans isn’t boring by any stretch of the imagination but these swamp tours aren’t an everyday thing. You come to New Orleans and while there’s so much to do between bars, restaurants, and clubs you can get a good feel for what to expect. When getting into an airboat to see the swamp you never know what to expect, are you going to see an alligator hunt down a meal or will you see an eagle flying overhead? These tours are a great family time and you should call or go online to schedule your tour today.

These tours take place on a high speed airboat across 20,000 acres of tidewater cypress swamp. This cypress swamp is home to a huge ecosystem of many types of aquatic and moist-soil vegetation, and a large wildlife population. The tours Airboat Adventures offers are typically up to two hours in which you’ll have the opportunity to see alligators, snakes, turtles, egrets, herons and ibis, and occasionally hawks, owls, and bald eagles. Customers have even reported having their guides get baby alligators to let people hold them! Safety is their number one concern and they take all necessary precautions so that no one gets hurt or is ever in danger.

These forms of wildlife aren’t anything you’ll see in the city. It is an opportunity to take a break from a bar stool and see the real wild side of New Orleans. You won’t see any alligators roaming down Bourbon St., and if you take the tour you get to ride on an airboat, which at high speeds has to feel good in the sun. Airboat Adventures offers a great family oriented tour that your kids are sure to love.