Bring Your Camera on a Swamp Tour

November 16, 2013

Wondering whether to grab your camera for your Louisiana swamp tour? Grab your camera and keep it handy because the southern Louisiana swamps are one of the best places to capture fantastic pictures. If you are an aspiring photographer, an experienced photographer, or something in between, you will love the many photo opportunities that come your way in your tour. Here are some tips to help you capture great quality, memorable images.

A Photographer’s Favorite Lighting

If you have any experience at all behind a camera, then you understand that lighting is everything. Most photographers agree that dawn’s light or just before sunset are the perfect time for beautifully lit pictures. You can find the same great lighting in the swamp, especially if you choose one of the earlier morning times for your tour, like 9:45 a.m., or 6 p.m. for evening light. At these times of the day, the light brings out the vibrant colors of the swamp, the water, the wildlife, and the plants. You can take home some beautiful shots of the river or the greenery to hang on your walls at home.

Impress Your Family

Are you excited to show your adventure to other family members or friends? Nothing says “wow” quite like a picture of a baby alligator in your own hands. Yes, that is right. You can get the chance to take numerous pictures of alligators lounging in the water, stalking the banks, or capture a shot of you or one of your companions holding a baby alligator. It is safe and the guide will help you, but that does not make the picture any less impressive when you display it in your house or put it on your next Christmas card.
louisiana swamp tour

Remember the Wildlife

In addition to beautiful scenery in the swamp, southern Louisiana is known for its various wildlife. You can capture exotic creatures on camera in addition to alligators, like snakes, turtles, herons, hawks, bald eagles, deer, and much more. Use a “landscape” setting on your camera to get a frame-worthy photo of one of these wild creatures in its natural habitat.

Keep It Safe

Finally, remember to keep your camera safe while on the swamp tour. It helps to have a lanyard or some other attachment to hold the camera around your neck where you are not likely to drop it into the water. This will also keep your camera handy for spontaneous moments you need to capture quickly. Bring a protective case or cover in case of humid or wet weather to protect your lens from damage.