Air boat Rides and Tours: See an Exciting Side of the Big Easy

June 22, 2015

Do you want to experience the Big Easy and all of the backcountry adventure it has to offer? You can give yourself a front row seat to all of the sights, sounds, and smells that make New Orleans the famed destination it is. Airboat rides and tours in New Orleans offer a unique perspective with plenty of memorable moments. Here are some experiences you do not want to miss.

The French Quarter

The French Quarter is a popular attraction in New Orleans. You can get a big taste of Big Easy cooking, music, and history here. The French Quarter is also within 30 minutes of nearby swamps and bayous. If you need a break from the noise and city life, the bayou boat tours offer the perfect amount of adventure and serenity. You may have seen bayous depicted in movies, but they cannot compare to the real thing. If you enjoy collecting a variety of photos and memories from one place, make sure you get a good balance of city time and bayou time.

Unique Ecosystem

The swamp is a beautiful, mysterious, and diverse ecosystem that you simply have to see. It is home to endless types of moist-soil vegetation and plant life. After a short ride off the shore, you will feel like you have entered another world. You will not see another place like this, so make sure to bring your sunscreen and camera. The scenery of water, trees, moss, and wildlife is unbelievably rich, and you can see it all from the security of a speed airboat in a single tour.

Bird Watching

Whether you are an avid bird watcher or not, you will love the variety of birds you can see from an airboat in the deep New Orleans swamps. The South Louisiana bayous and swamps are rich with herons, ibis, egrets, hawks, owls, and bald eagles, though some of them are shyer than others. Your airboat tour guide can help point out and name the different birds you see.

Gators and Reptiles

Don’t worry; you will never get too close to one of these infamous reptiles during an airboat tour. However, if you have always wondered what is was like to see an alligator in person then a tour will give you that chance. Airboat tour guides are knowledgeable about safety around alligators, snakes, and other creatures. You can take pictures and even get the chance to hold a tiny, baby gator.

Great for Families

If you are looking for an activity that everyone in your group will enjoy, airboat rides and tours in New Orleans are the answer. The kids will love seeing gators and other wildlife up close, and everyone will enjoy being surrounded by scenery that feels straight out of a fairytale. Book your tour early and get ready to feed your adventurous side.