Take An Airboat Ride in New Orleans

November 15, 2014

There are many different sides to the state of Louisiana, thanks to its incredibly rich culture that has developed over hundreds of years. People all over the country have a mixed idea of what Louisiana really is, and so do some of its own residents. Louisiana consists of both cities and wildlife; however, the wildlife side isn’t a very recognized trait. People may think that the wildlife of Louisiana is stomping around in a swamp and being attacked by bugs and other animals, but there is a way to experience the beauty that the state has to offer. An airboat ride in New Orleans is one of the best ways to see that other side of Louisiana’s beauty, and you can experience it through Airboat Adventures!

Fun For Everyone!

Airboat Adventures gives you the opportunity to have fun with almost any amount of people! You can bring your significant other, parents, whole family, and your friends as well since they have boats to accommodate both large and small parties. Their larger vessel can carry fifteen to twenty-seven passengers, while their smaller boat can carry six to eight! Plus, according to past testimonials, the smaller boats can take you even closer to the different animals of the swamps, and you could be closer than you ever thought you would be to a wide variety of Louisiana’s birds and mammals!

The Experience

With Airboat Adventures, you get to spend approximately one hour and forty-five minutes to two hours long enjoying the sites and sounds of the real Louisiana! You also get to see several different residents of the Louisiana swamps while on your tour, including:
• Hawks
• Bald Eagles
• Egrets
• Herons
• Ibis
• Snakes
• Turtles
• And of course, Alligators!
You may even get the chance to hold a baby alligator, or see your tour guide get as close as he could be to a real, wild alligator!

What Past Adventurers Have Said

There are plenty of positive testimonials on the Airboat Adventures website! Many previous customers say how knowledgeable and experienced the tour guides are, and how exciting it was to get up close to the different animals of the bayous. Some have even claimed that their trip with Airboat Adventures was the highlight of their trip to New Orleans! You could be having the very same experience that the previous adventurers have had, so schedule your tour today!

Call Today!

If you would like to see the wildlife and beauty of Louisiana, call Airboat Tours at 504-689-2005 to schedule an airboat ride in New Orleans! Make a weekend out of it and stay at a hotel in downtown, and Airboat Adventures will send your very own chauffer to pick you up and bring you right out to their location! Call today!