Airboat Adventures – September Incentives

September 18, 2012

Airboat Adventures offers excellent airboat tours of swamp lands in Louisiana. Located just about thirty minutes outside of the downtown area of New Orleans, it’s a great way to escape the city and experience something few have the guts for! Real alligators and other vibrant wildlife live in these swamps and you can some as close as you’d probably be comfortable on a guided tour from Airboat Adventures. September poses as a great month to take a tour for various reasons, so call and schedule your tour now!

September is a great month for tours because the air temperatures begin to drop just a little, but the water is still warm and alive with alligators. And with ‘gators still plentiful at this time in the season, the chances of tour groups catching some really big ones are inevitable! September does fall into hunting season for alligators, but Airboat Adventures isn’t hunting on their property, thus further increasing your chances of gator sightings.

Don’t forget, alligators aren’t all that is to be seen on this rugged landscape, it’s also nesting season for most bird wildlife on the swamp. This greatly affects the number of birds you can see on the swamp. Also, in the Cypress swamp, most of the trees don’t lose much in the way of Fall, so it mostly looks like Springtime with trees in full bloom.

Airboat Adventures is also featuring a new attraction: an outdoor tank exhibit. This tank features alligators, alligator box turtles, and other turtles. Just another way for tourists and natives alike to get up close and personal with how some of the animals in the swamp live their lives.

Airboat Adventures always takes groups looking for an activity to share with all, groups from 6-8 all the way to 16-18 are welcome. Tour times vary based on season and are also sometimes available upon appointment. Don’t forget they do hotel pickups for those located in the downtown New Orleans area. You can also find them on Facebook and read great testimonials on their website from other satisfied tour takers!

Call today or come on by and see the indoor exhibit featuring three green gators and two beautiful albino alligators Sugar and Flour! Safety is Airboat Adventures number one concern; children under five and women who are pregnant are not allowed to tour.