Airboat Adventures – Group Tours

August 8, 2012

Have you ever wanted a moving party on the bayou? Airboat Adventures has just the fun you’ve been looking for. They offer amazing boat tours which feature equally beautiful wildlife letting you and your guests experience some of New Orleans most dangerous and most unique creatures up close and personal. So, whether you’re a native looking for fun or a curious tourist with a group that has a hunger for a different wild side of New Orleans, Airboat Adventures is definitely worth a look for adding an edge to your trip.

On the tours, they offer boats for smaller parties (6 to 8 passengers) up to larger parties (16 to 18 passengers). They are open seven days a week with a schedule that begins at 9:45 am through 2:00 pm, and the actually offer two more tours which are seasonal at 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm. They do special request tours and evening and sunset tours for a small additional fee. Airboat Adventures rolls everything they have into a neat little package for your tour party and hands it to you all you need to do is call and plan your event.

The landscape is beautiful and coupled with the unique wildlife of Louisiana makes for a life changing perspective of swamp culture and what it means to the city of New Orleans. The people who make a life off of these swamplands work hard and offer a view into how they live and the creatures they see every day. It is an awesome combination of interesting and exciting ways to possibly see alligators and beautiful birds in their natural habitat, like a 3-D viewing of a Discovery Channel documentary but here you really do get wet when they splash! Great sights and wildlife aren’t their only aspects, they’re also just thirty minutes from downtown New Orleans making it easily accessible for those who wish to party city style and touch New Orleans roots.

Come one, come all Airboat Adventures can make your next gathering in New Orleans a little dirtier, but more than worth the investment. New Orleans is a destination with so much to offer in knowledge and experience and these swamp tours are no exception to that fact. Don’t forget with easy accessibility, boats to fit parties from 8 to 18 people, and the experience of a lifetime why wouldn’t you make that call and get hands on New Orleans culture exposure? Call 504-689-2005 or toll free at 888-467-9267 for prices, reservations, and pickups!