Airboat Adventures – Facts

August 15, 2012

Airboat Adventures offers a special faq section to their website that will help you plan out your tour and if the swamp adventure is right for you. This information contains fun tidbits about the guides, local pests and location which could assist you when you’re planning your trip! This vital information could be the tools you or your party needs to better plan and execute your swamp tour. These tours are a must for the rougher less glamorous side of the city where you get to hear a different roar than industry, and instead hear the roar of hungry wildlife waiting for you to stick your hand out!

Need some simple questions answered like what types of pests to expect getting in the way of a great time? If you’re worried about mosquitoes, Airboat Adventures says not to worry. They only use insect repellant once a year, but if you hop off the boat you may run into dragonflies and other predaceous insects.

Knowing about location and the guides is often important as a guest on a tour and these tours are located just thirty miles south of New Orleans. Your guides are homegrown boys learning all they could about hunting and fishing from childhood and having a passionate connection to what they’re letting you experience.

Airboat Adventures also reminds you that if your guide provides excellent service that you are more than welcome and allowed to tip. When to tour is also an excellent question and on their website they offer vital information about time frames both daily and seasonally for what might be best for you and your group. April 1st through October 15th they offer seasonal tours extending their daily schedule to include 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm tours.

Airboat Adventures provides an excellent service for letting all types digest a side of New Orleans culture not always explored. And on their website they offer in a simple package all the information you’ll need to help plan and coordinate your tour and make it the best it can be. Not to mention all their boat captains are certified by the U.S.Coast Guard so there’s no concern for safety. Call today or go online to plan your trip and meet the toothy smile of one of nature’s most dangerous predators.